Tanya Foster and assistant wearing avara maxi dresses

Tanya Foster and assistant wearing BB dakota tops and jeans

Tanya Foster and assistant sitting on couches in Avara maxi dresses

Tanya Foster and assistant wearing avara maxi dresses

Tanya Foster and assistant wearing BB dakota tops and jeans

Tanya Foster and assistant wearing BB dakota tops and jeans

Tanya Foster and assistant sitting on a chair wearing Avara spring looks

Tanya Foster and assistant sitting on a chair wearing Avara spring looks

Tanya Foster and assistant sitting on a chair wearing Avara spring looks

Tanya Foster assistant making instagram reel in Avara white maxi dress

Can you believe there are only two days left of March? EEK! Time is flying! Let’s finish off the month with something fun. We are going to share 10 things that you might not know about the Tanya Foster team. Let’s take a look. You might be surprised by some of these answers…

Before we get started, let’s discuss all of our above looks. These are all fabulous pieces to have for spring – all under $100! For the maxi dresses: I am wearing this blue maxi dress (my favorite maxi dress – I am wearing in in lilac HERE) and Laura is wearing this white maxi dress. These dresses are both so high-quality and wear like a designer dress, but are under $100. Both are size S. For spring tops, I am wearing this BB Dakota floral top and this flutter sleeve top in size M. Laura is in this BB Dakota floral top (size M) and this blue floral top (size S). I paired my tops with these high-rise straight crop jeans and these white jeans. Laura is wearing these high-rise boot cute jeans. All jeans fit true to size. For shoes I am in these braided sandals and these metallic slide sandals. Laura is in these heeled slide sandals, and we are both wearing these slide sandals (Laura in black). Ok now back to it!

I actually posted this question to my Instagram followers in this post and got these questions from you all. Click HERE to read all the questions submitted.

10 Things You Might Not Know About US

Question: What is your college degree in?

Tanya: I have a BSBE in Secondary Education and I minored in Dance. I thought I wanted to be a Drill Team (Dance Team) Director at a high school. Life had other plans.

Laura: I have a BFA in Dance and a BA in Mathematics. I used to be a math tutor!

Question: What are your hobbies?

Tanya: I love to binge watch TV shows, go to the movies and shop locally. Pete taught me to play chess after watching THE QUEENS GAMBIT and we play 3-4 a week.

Laura: I love reading, going to movies and playing games with family/friends.

Question: Where are you from? Where did you grow up? How long have you been in Dallas?

Tanya: I’m a Texas native and was born in Houston. Many of you know that my Mom was from Germany (my parents met when my Dad was stationed in Bavaria while in the Army) and we lived in Oberammergau, Germany for four years while I was in elementary school (grades 2-5). I went to the University of North Texas and stayed in Dallas after graduating college. So, I’ve lived in Dallas most of my life.

Laura: I was born in Portland, Oregon and then moved to Southlake, Texas when I was in 5th grade, so I basically grew up in Texas. I went to college in Tucson, Arizona and then moved to Dallas post-graduation, so I’ve lived here about 8 years of my adult life.

Question: Are you two related?

Tanya: I love Laura like she is my daughter but no, we are not related.

Laura: No, I wish!

Question: Which do you enjoy doing the most? Skincare, make-up or IG Live?

Tanya: I love doing all components of my blogger/influencer job. My absolute favorite thing is to post on IG Stories and connect with my followers. It’s like a real-time conversation and allows for us to be super interactive. I cover fashion, travel, lifestyle and beauty and can do all of those on IG Stories. I do like IG LIVE but it’s time intensive. And it’s hard to find a time to do them that works for everyone.

Laura: It is all fun to cover! It is nice that we cover a variety of topics because it never gets boring. My personal favorite thing to do is create the fashion edits/collages. These are posted on the LTK page, Tanya’s IG stories and sometimes the blog. She lets me have creative freedom!

Question: Will you let Pete take over IG Stories for a day?

Tanya: Absolutely not! He can be a wild cannon.

Laura: What she said^ 🙂

Question: What’s your secret for getting out of a bad mood?

Tanya: I approach life with a grateful heart. I’m thankful to be here, healthy and have a wonderful family and friends. We truly have no problems given everything you see going on in the world today. Yes, there are days when things don’t go as planned. I just hit the reset button and move on.

Laura: Feelings are always fleeting, so I try to identify why I’m feeling off and avoid taking any action while I’m in a mood. Let’s be real, usually it’s because I’m hungry or tired! Otherwise, listening to music or a walk helps me process and refocus on all of the beautiful things that I have to be grateful for.

Question: How did the two of you meet?

Answer: I was interviewing for the assistant position in September 2019 and gave our daughter Taylor the job description. She circulated it at her church and Laura applied for the job. Lucky me!

Laura: Yes, I was looking for a new job, so it was perfect timing!

Question: What do you want your legacy to be as an influencer?

Tanya: What a great question. No one has ever asked me that. I hope that in some small way, I was able to help you. Whether it’s with an outfit, a style solution, skincare, make-up, aesthetics procedure, travel destination, home decor… you name it, I hope it was helpful. Heck, maybe it’s just the funny memes I post nightly on IG Stories. I like to end the day with a giggle! 🙂

Laura: And I just aim to help in whatever way I can to create that legacy!

Question: What advice would you offer each other?

Tanya: Your 20’s are hard and you spend a lot of time trying to figure out who you are and questioning if you are good enough. I remember that decade being the most difficult time in my life. A good friend told me “When God closes a door, He opens a window”. This advice got me through some really tough times even though I would question where the open window was. YOU ARE ENOUGH! Remember that.

Laura: Yikes, that’s a hard one considering Tanya’s the one who always gives me great advice! I learn so much from her just by seeing how she carries herself in day-to-day life, so I guess I wouldn’t necessarily have advice for her, but just reiterate that she is an inspiration and a light to everyone around her; even if she doesn’t always feel like she is!


Do you have any more questions you wish would’ve been answered? If you like this segment, we could make this more of a regular blog post. Let us know in the comments below! If you leave a question, we’ll answer it there.   xoxo – Tanya

Photo: Sarah Blaze Photography

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