Tips to lose weight in 2019 and FP Movement

Tips to lose weight in 2019 and FP Movement

Tips to lose weight in 2019 and FP Movement

Tips to lose weight in 2019 and FP Movement

Tips to lose weight in 2019 and FP Movement

Today I am partnering with my personal trainer to talk about weight loss tips. After all, it’s time to motivate, move your body and get healthy! I’m also sharing this wonderful new brand of workout clothes that I have recently discovered. Here’s some more motivation for 2019: Kat at Eat N Run Fitness is also offering and exclusive offer to my subscribers!

You know Kat Spangler of Eat N Run Fitness from this blog post about me getting in shape for Taylor’s wedding. So many of you motivated yourselves to work out and eat better after that blog post. It’s time to renew that vow and get in shape. I’ve always known that “you are what you eat” so I am feeling a little plumper right now due to the holidays. Oh you know, entertaining, cocktails, lots of cake, cookies, pie and delicious holiday meals. I’m glad the holidays are over and I am jumping back into my workout routine with Kat.

Did you know that 80% of New Year Resolutions fail by the second week of February? Are you shocked? That’s why I don’t really set weight loss or exercise as a New Year’s Resolution. My belief is that your body, weight, diet and appearance are daily habits and a lifelong commitment. While I do have Kat Spangler as my personal trainer and workout with her 2-3 times a week, the rest is on ME!

We are partnering today to bring you what we believe to be the Top 10 Weight Loss Tips. And of course, I do love a good workout look too. I’m linking you to this new combo I have on. I find that if I feel good in my workout clothes and look good, it increases the chances of my actually working out. Funny how that works.

SPECIAL OFFER: For subscribers, Kat is offering and EXCLUSIVE early bird offer – $1 trial month of FIT FOR LIFE ACADEMY, an online weight loss and wellness coaching program that helps frustrated women find their personal path to long-term health and happiness. With guidance on the 4 pillars of weight loss: nutrition, fitness, self-care, and mindset, it is a holistic program that focuses on bringing clarity and personal empowerment to its students. The offer for my subscribers ends on January 11 so hurry by clicking HERE! This is a $350 value!

Tips to lose weight in 2019 and FP Movement

photo: Eat N Run Fitness

What is Fit For Life Academy? It’s one of the first weight loss programs of its kind, marrying the convenience of an at-home program, with the community of a fitness class, and the personal connection of a one-on-one coach. With short, weekly wellness trainings, you’ll learn the everlasting principles and simple action steps to lose weight for good, without “dieting” or deprivation. Weekly workout guides will keep you from plateauing and getting bored with your routine. Monthly coaching calls and access to Kat’s private Facebook tribe will keep you accountable and engaged throughout the ups and downs of your journey. And all the while, you’ll get free downloads like Kat’s Nutritious and Delicious Cook e-Book to bring more joy and ease to your experience.

This is a great way to jump start your 2019 and have an online source to help your journey! I highly recommend working with Kat in person as well if you are in the Dallas area.

What healthy habits will you incorporate in 2019?  xoxo – Tanya

P.S. I’m drinking Glotrition Collagen Peptide drink in the pictures above.  Click here for more details.

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Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Take the 30 challenge. Move your body for 30 minutes every single day. Often times it’s the habit of the habit that’s more important than the habit itself. Get exercise into your routine and it’ll become second nature. Even simple things like walking the dogs counts!

Make a produce pact. Commit to eating a serving of fruits or veggies every single time you eat. This will help you fill up on healthy, low calorie items so you have less room for the junk. It also will help improve nutrient deficiencies that may be causing cravings for junk food in the first place.

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Hydration is key to glowing skin and beating away bloat. Simple math: If you weigh 130 pounds, half of that is 65. 65 ounces of water = 8 water bottles per day

Mix up your workout routine. When you do the same type of workout day after day, you risk creating plateaus, boredom, and overuse injuries. Use this as an excuse to try out different classes and find different forms of movement you enjoy. I just recently went to a Pilates workout and it really felt different.

SLEEP! Getting less than 7 hours of sleep causes your hunger hormones to rise, your satiety hormones to drop, and your stress hormones to elevate, signaling you to store fat. Personally, I get 8 hours of sleep every single night!

Plan, plan, plan. Seriously, planning is everything. Fill your calendar with the days and times you plan to workout, grocery shop, meal plan, meal prep, go to sleep, wake up, plan it all like that hot bod you want depends on it, because it totally does. As with everything I do, I follow this motto: Lay A Plan and then Work Your Plan!

Follow the 80/20 or 90/10 rule. Let’s be real, you’re not going to never ever eat a piece of cake again just because you want to lose weight. Instead, follow the saner approach of the 90/10 rule if you’re trying to lose weight, where you eat clean 90% of the time, and eat freely 10% of the time. Or if you’re in maintenance mode, you can loosen the reigns a bit and follow the 80/20 rule.

Limit restaurant meals to 2 times per week. The average restaurant meal is 1200 calories. If you do go out more than twice per week, split those portions! NOTE: This is the hardest one for me but I have really learned to order the healthiest options when at a charity event, cocktail party or having lunch with friends at a restaurant.

When in doubt, portion it out. Losing weight doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have your favorite foods (see tip #10), but you do not need to eat 18 of your grandma’s sugar cookies. If you keep your portions in check, you keep your calories in check. Keep your calories in check, keep your weight in check. I promise you will also feel better!

Life’s a marathon, not a sprint! Don’t start a weight loss program you can’t see yourself following when you’re 80. If the practices aren’t sustainable, neither are the results.

About Kat Spangler

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Kat hasn’t just been a personal trainer and holistic health coach for the past 8 years, she has been her very own guinea pig. Through battling a dysfunctional relationship with food as a young dancer, holistically healing her Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, tackling acne, digestive disorders, and chronic fatigue, and navigating the busy life of a business owner, she has an intimate understanding of the many challenges her clients go through while trying to accomplish their goals. And better yet, the steps to overcome them. It’s these experiences that leave her uniquely qualified to meet her clients where they are in their journey, and help them get unstuck.

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