Meet photographer Audrie Dollins on


Meet photographer Audrie Dollins on

Meet photographer Audrie Dollins on

Meet photographer Audrie Dollins on

Meet photographer Audrie Dollins on

Do you ever wonder who is taking all of these beautiful pictures and why I use a professional photographer? Today I am introducing you to the amazing Audrie Dollins. Find out how this wedding photographer became one of Dallas’ leading blogger photographers overnight and the Top Five Reasons you should invest in a professional photographer.

Happy Monday. Happy September. Happy Labor Day! I thought about taking today off from the blog but then, I missed you. It also seems like a great time for me to introduce you to the great gal who is behind the lens on most of my content photography. Meet the phenomenal Audrie Dollins. She is married, a mother of two beautiful children and lives in Prosper, Texas. She has long been a wedding photographer and branched out into influencer (blogger) photography as well as portraits and seniors.

You may wonder why I have always used a professional photographer as a blogger. It’s really simple. I don’t have time to edit my pictures and Pete has a full-time job running a company. He serves as my photographer when we travel and he is really quite good. But he simply doesn’t have the time to shoot me weekly and honestly, I might pull my hair out trying to be patient with him. There is a lot or work to shooting good content, editing pictures and then writing the blog post. I’ve done a blog post before about the many hats I wear as a Lifestyle Blogger. I’ve also done this blog post about how I work from home and organize myself. I can’t do it all so I know to leave the photography to someone else.

While you may not be a blogger, I highly recommend you hire a professional photographer for business needs too. Check out this blog post that I’ve written about Tips and Tricks for taking a good headshot. Do you need a new headshot? Audrie is your gal! She can do anything. Below are my Top Five reasons a professional photographer is key to a successful career as a blogger.

Top 5 Reasons Every Blogger Should Invest in a Photographer

  1. Professional images circulate the web. It’s simple, really. Great pictures catch people’s attention. Since you are most likely posting your blog post images on all social media platforms, you want it to get noticed! Reposting, sharing and getting a brands attention is the name of the game!
  2. Aesthetics matter. You may not know it but I have a format that I use for this blog. 5-7 images shot by my photographer loaded vertically which encourages you to scroll down and read. While I always style every one of my blog posts, the photographer captures the mood, style and tone. She also edits the pictures and gives me back the very best from our shoot day. It is important that my images fit my brand and aesthetics to consistently tell the story. Each day is like a page out of my book.
  3. Delegate the photography to the professionals. As a blogger you wear many hats. Writer, subject matter, photography model, editor, brand management, contract negotiations. invoicing, bill collector, business manager… need I go on? You do not have time to take on the photography component and keep the rest in tip-top shape. While I’m on this, outsource anything you can that frees up your time.
  4. You need to spend money, to make money. I can not emphasize this enough. In the beginning I did it all. That’s because my blog wasn’t big enough to attract brands and I was just story telling without having to worry about conference calls, contracts, invoices… Once took off, the business of blogging began to take over. This is a full-time job so spending money to make it a brand that gets noticed really matters. Paying for quality images is part of that expense.
  5. Under promise and over deliver! This has been my mantra on everything I do. Charity work, consulting work and now – my blog. Branded content and sponsored collaborations don’t just fall in my lap. They take carefully curated pitches and idea sharing to land the deal. What can I do for the brand? These companies spend marketing dollars with me to get their brand noticed. They expect professionalism and quality work. Imagine if my blog post and social media included sub par imagery and story telling. Would you pay for that? You get the picture. Brands come back to me over and over again because they know they will get great pictures and good content!

What do you think? Do you enjoy the imagery on my site? xoxo – Tanya

P.S. Mary Hafner still works with me too. She is currently on maternity leave.

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photo: Audie Dollins (Tori shot the two of us together)

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