tanya foster holding soma lace bra and panties

tanya foster holding soma lace bra and panties

tanya foster holding soma lace bra and panties

tanya foster holding soma lace bra and panties

tanya foster wearing soma sports bra and leggings

tanya foster wearing soma sports bra and leggings

tanya foster wearing soma sports bra and leggings

tanya foster wearing soma sports bra and leggings

Do you know what’s important when you are chesty? A great bra – no matter what the occasion is. Having a bra wardrobe is so important. I have sexy lace bras, smooth t-shirt bras, supportive workout jog bras, fun bras in various colors and just my everyday nude bra that works with everything! Oh, and don’t forget about the perfect strapless bra. One of my biggest annoyances is a bulky bra that doesn’t fit right! Luckily, I have found bras that fit well and for various occasions. Problem solved – no more annoying bumps and lines under t-shirts! Between bra lines, loose straps and gaping cups, it can be really hard to find the perfect bra. So today I’m going to explain how I purchase the best fitting bras with these 5 tips for bra shopping.


5 Tips for Bra Shopping

Get Measured

First things first – you must get measured! Actually, it is suggested to re-evaluate your bra size every time you go bra shopping since your body frequently changes. You can measure yourself at home with a tape measure or head to the store to get professionally measured. Here is a great guide if you’re measuring at home.

Use the Loosest Bra Hook

When trying bras on, make sure you are using the furthest / least tight of the bra hooks. You’ve surely noticed that as you wear a bra, it pretty quickly starts to stretch, so you’ll want to have one that you can adjust and make tighter. When bra shopping, the bra should fit snugly in the back. And if it feels snug on the loosest or least tight hook, it will allow for your bra to stretch over time. Then you can just move to the tighter hook as your bra starts to experience more wear.

Buy a New Bra Every Year

My bras tend to wear out fairly quickly! Of course, I have some bras that I’ve loved over the years, but it’s important to go bra shopping at least once every year. The experts actually suggest to get one every 9 months, as they say that 12 months is pushing it even for the highest quality of bras. Like mentioned above, bras lose their elasticity more than you may even notice. Support is key, ladies! If you want to always have an effectively supportive bra, get a new bra every year.

Find the Right Cups

It can often be hard to find a bra that fits perfectly. It’s certainly a game of trial and error. One of my tips for bra shopping is to find the right cups, which should not gap or wrinkle. It is also best if you’re not spilling over the top or under the bottom of your bra! In fact, there are different cup shapes for different bodies. You can purchase a demi bra if you have a smaller chest or a full coverage bra if you’re more fuller chested.

Look for Smoothness

One of my biggest pet peeves with bras is that they sometimes show lines through my shirts. We all hate the ‘spillage’ that happens in the back, otherwise known as back fat. YUCK! That’s why one of my biggest concerns when bra shopping is finding a bra that is smooth at the front, back and sides. The best bras lie flat on the breast bone and sit evenly all the way around the chest. This perfect coverage bra solves all of these issues and is one of my favorite fitting bras. Read more about why it’s my favorite HERE.

Of course it goes without saying, gently hand wash your lingerie and lay flat to dry. That will help all of your bras keep their shape. I hope these tips help y’all when looking for your next bra! What are your tips for bra shopping? Share in a comment below!

xoxo – Tanya

photo: Audrie Dollins

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5 tips for bra shopping tanya foster holding bras and panties

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