Talbots duster and shell with black slim pants and heels

Talbots duster and shell with black slim pants and heels

Talbots duster and shell with black slim pants and heels

Talbots duster and shell with black slim pants and heels

Talbots duster and shell with black slim pants and heels

Hello and happy Wednesday. Are you traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday? Hosting everyone at your home? Attending a lovely celebration at a family member or friends home? No matter how you celebrate, the holidays can be a joyful occasion but they can also be stressful. I’ve got 5 Tips to Help with the Holidays.

We host Thanksgiving and Christmas in our home every year. Yep, we do it all. Pete is from a large family and LOVES to have people over – lots of them! I’m an only child and really love my downtime. Personally, I have always thought the holidays are stressful. So I have learned a few tricks over the years of how to lighten the load. I’m sharing them below but would love your input today. Have you successfully navigated holiday stress? Share you thoughts with us by leaving a comment. I’m by no means an expert on the subject…

While I’m on this topic, I want to take a minute and say that the holidays are not always happy for everyone. Some folks have no one to celebrate with or are saddened during this time of year due to loss. Let’s lift them up with our thoughts and prayers. Life is hard enough and especially so during the Hallmark Holiday time of year. Don’t you just wonder who all those perfect families are in those movies?

Also, the duster and shell that I have on today paired back with these black stretch fabric pants are an excellent combo for holiday celebrations. I’m wearing it with heels but I think it would be very chic with a riding boot too!

5 Tips to Help with the Holidays

  1. Take time for yourself! It’s super important to recharge your batteries. Downtime, hot bath, read a book… just check out and be alone.
  2. Stop worrying about your diet. Listen, I am the first one that almost balks at this rule because I am always working on what I eat and trying to stay healthy. Have the pumpkin pie and ENJOY. Get back on track on Friday morning!
  3. Learn how to say NO. You are allowed to decline an invitation. It’s ok. You don’t have to attend everything and you certainly don’t have to say Yes to everyone. But be polite and RSVP promptly!
  4. Get some exercise! Go for a brisk walk, head to the gym, take a bike ride or just go out for some fresh air. The holidays do not mean stop your regular exercise schedule. You will feel better if you move.
  5. Let it go and know your limits. What, you don’t have the perfect family, beautifully decorated house, immaculate table setting and well-behaved children? Me neither! Guess what – no one does. Families are complicated and you just learn to embrace it. I have a saying for this: “Expect the worst and hope for the best.”

THANK YOU for joining me here on my little space I call TanyaFoster.com. I am GRATEFUL for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Wishing you lots of love and happiness this holiday season.

xoxo – Tanya

P.S. I will get the BLACK FRIDAY blog post up as soon as I have it done. Look for an early delivery!

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photo: Audrie Dollins




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