5 ways to have better skin now on TanyaFoster.com

5 ways to have better skin now on TanyaFoster.com

5 ways to have better skin now on TanyaFoster.com

5 ways to have better skin now on TanyaFoster.com

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Happy Monday! We had one of those ‘do absolutely nothing’ weekends and I can tell you it was pure heaven. I forget how busy the week can be and sometimes by the weekend, I just need downtime. Anyone else like that? Today I’m answering some skincare questions and going over 5 ways to have better skin now.

The end of summer can leave you with dull and dry skin. A lot of questions that I get often center around my skincare and beauty routines. Other than completely staying out of the sun (read this blog post from last week to see why), I do believe in a good skincare routine and some trusty professionals to keep everything glowing. Let’s explore what I’m doing now.

5 ways to have better skin now on TanyaFoster.com

Nighttime routine must haves: Olly SLEEP / Le Metier de Beaute Anti-Aging Night Creme and Neck Firming Creme (not pictured)  / NeuLash / Lancome eye makeup removerZO Skin Health Intense Eye Repair / GloPro Microneedling Regeneration Tool (not pictured) 

1.Glotrition Peptides have recently become all the rage. I can see why. This is working on your beauty from the inside, specifically collagen. It’s an anti-aging drink mix that contains Verisol, a patented collagen peptide that has been clinically shown to increase skin firmness and reduce wrinkle depth in just 30 days by spurring new collagen growth. You drink it every morning before breakfast. Bonus: It tastes great!

2.The Ritz-Carlton Spa – 50-minute Relaxation Massage and 50-minute Custom Facial – $99 | During the month of August, make a mid-week appointment (Monday – Thursday) and enjoy their facial and/or message for only $99 (each). I went last week and indulged in both. This is a great way to cleanse the skin and relax! Reservations for The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Dallas may be made by calling 214-922-4820.  

3. A good night time skincare routine (see products above)! I can’t stress this enough. How you end your day and what you put on your skin for the 12 hours of ‘off time’ is of huge importance! I wash my face with Le Metier Replenishing Oil cleanser every morning and evening. But there are times when I change up my entire skincare routine and try other products. Be sure to check out this blog post about my summer skincare routine with Colleen Rothschild. Be sure to click here because she always has great discounts and offers. I’ll do a separate blog post about my daily skincare routine and favorite make-up products soon.

4. Try a new professional service. I’ve been hearing about the hydrafacial and I’m going to give it a try at the end of August. Have you heard of it? Talk about hydrating your skin! This goes along with having a great dermatologist and aesthetician who can offer the latest and greatest services. I see Dr. Lori Stetler and Charlene Wilson at Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics. I’m also going to try SkinPen to help with my scar once its healed enough. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes. Want to try something? Call 214-631-7546

5. Healthy habits. Sleep on a silk pillowcase – it saves your hair and helps prevent wrinkles. Drink lots of water. Get outside and get some fresh air. For me its just walking the dogs every day but I really look forward to it. Wear daily sunscreen (not just when you go to the pool or beach). Get a solid 8 hours of sleep every night. It’s my #1 rule for healthy skin and just overall wellness!

That about sums it up. Which healthy habits will you try for better skin?  xoxo – Tanya

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