Tanya Foster sitting in white jeans talbots blue button up blouse and jean jacket with nest jewelry

Tanya Foster standing on a step in white jeans gucci belt shopbop mules a jean jacket and louis vuitton crossbody purse

Tanya Foster sitting in white jeans talbots blue button up blouse and jean jacket with nest jewelry

Tanya foster sitting on the steps in white jeans talbots blouse jean jacket shop bop shoes and a louis vuitton crossbody purse

Tanya Foster standing on a step in white jeans gucci belt shopbop shoes a jean jacket and louis vuitton crossbody purse

I think by now we have all started to adjust to this new normal. Something that I have been thinking a lot is how I miss spending time with friends and loved ones. I know you all agree that this is the hardest part. I want to be able to show them that I am thinking of them, while still maintaining a social distance. This time can be lonely, so it is important to reach out to others… especially for those that are sick. Here are eight ways to care for your loved ones, friends and neighbors while social distancing.


8 ways to care for your loved ones while #socialdistancing


1. Send Flowers

There’s nothing that brightens up the inside of someone’s home quite like fresh flowers! Having live plants and flowers has been shown to boost moods. There are so many shops that you can order from online that will deliver right to your loved one’s doorstep like FlowerShopping.com, Ava’s Flowers, or 1-800 Flowers for same-day delivery. Also, I just discovered Pointers Petals (Meredith McNeely) who makes beautiful flower arrangements out of her home. You can order and pick-up. Just e-mail her at PointersPetals@gmail.com

2. Deliver Food 

We can’t see each other, but we can still drive and do drop-offs! You can make your favorite food dish and put it on the front steps of your loved ones. If they are sick, this is one of the best things you can do to help them. If you don’t cook, then you are in luck. There are still many places that are open for curbside food pick-up that you can take straight to a friend’s front door. Just don’t forget to call or text your friend to let them know they have food at their front door. Here is a good Dallas list but please realize that things change daily.

3. Make a Card

The best way you can show someone you care is by telling them in a card. You can make a card from scratch, or you can order and use this Minted stationary. This is a great idea to use for friends and family that live outside of your city since you can still drop your letters off at your local Post Office drop box or in your mailbox. By the way, UPS FedEx and the Postal Service are still operational.

4. Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love warm cookies delivered to their doorstep? A great and easy way to send love is to deliver cookies or other baked goods to a loved one’s doorstep. If you don’t bake or are not in driving proximity to your loved ones, there are many cookie delivery services. Tiff’s Treats is a cookie delivery service in Texas and Milk Bar has amazing baked goods that ships nationwide. If you’re in Dallas, then you can get Emporium Pies delivery or go through their “Pie-Thru.” How cute is that?

5. Give them Loungewear & Sleepwear

What better time to give someone a pajama set or loungewear than during quarantine? I’ve talked about how much I love Soma Cool Night Pajama Sets and how they are the absolute perfect gift. Gifting loungewear and sleepwear is especially great for a sick friend or family member. You can order a set online and ship nationwide to whomever you choose. Below are some of my favorite pajama and loungewear sets. SALE ALERT: Get 30% OFF with code 76845 (ends 3/28). CLICK HERE to get started. Target also has some great pajamas.

6. Send Entertainment

Something simple, but hands-free is to gift someone a month of their favorite music or streaming service subscription. Right now you can get a bundle with Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for only $12.99/month. Other options are Spotify gift cards or a month of Amazon Prime.

7. Gift them Activities

There are so many amazing puzzles, books and coloring book kits that someone can use on their own if they are in quarantine. These are all great activities to pass the time for hours and even days. Below are some of my favorite solo activities that your isolate loved ones will surely enjoy.

8. Give Them Comfort 

Even though you can’t hug your loved ones or give any physical comfort, there are things you can give anyone who’s sick or lonely to comfort them. A soft and cozy blanket or a lavender-scented stuffed animal are sentimental ways to show someone you are thinking of them and love them. Even a soothing scented candle or bubble bath can bring ease to anyone under stress. Below are some of my favorite comforting gifts for a loved one. Personally, I have been lighting candles daily.

What else do you love to give your loved ones? I love getting your input. Just leave me a comment below.

xoxo – Tanya

P.S. A HUGE thank you to Taylor for this thoughtful blog post idea!

Photo: Audrie Dollins

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Tanya Foster sitting in white jeans talbots blue button up blouse and jean jacket with nest jewelry

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