Back by popular demand, Pete Foster brings us the latest and greatest technology update. When he told me about this I had no idea what he was talking about. That’s why we thought it would make an excellent blog post. Today, we are introducing you to Amazon Dash Button and it will change your world!

Let me know what you think about this. Will you use it?  xoxo- Tanya

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Amazon Dash Button

I’m sure you’re aware that retail giant Amazon has been the disruption in the retail sales space for over ten years. With, Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Now, they’ve rewritten how many things are purchased. The traditional “brick and mortar” retailers have struggled to keep up or attempted to follow the models used by Amazon. The company continues to experiment with new ways of shopping or fulfilment, including same day delivery, drone delivery, grocery delivery and more. One of the latest innovations is called the Amazon Dash Button. Here is what Amazon has to say about its Dash Buttons:
Amazon Dash Button ships from and is sold by exclusively for Prime members.
Amazon Dash Button is a Wi-Fi connected device that reorders your favorite product with the press of a button. Each Dash Button is paired with a product of your choice, which is selected through the Amazon App on your Android or iOS smartphone during the set-up process.
It’s free after first press. Buy a Dash Button for $4.99 and receive a $4.99 credit after your first press.
Easy to use. Press Dash Button to order your favorite products and never run out.
Buy with confidence. Get the same low prices we offer on
Order Protection. Ensures Dash Button responds only to your first press until your order is delivered.
Prime members get free shipping!
And here is how it works:
When you are running low on your favorite products at home, simply press Dash Button and relax while your order is fulfilled and delivered. You can be notified of your order confirmation through the Amazon App on your smart phone. Dash Button lets you order products immediately without needing to be reminded and allows you to save time by skipping the search process for your exact product. The Dash Button Order Protection feature also doesn’t allow a new order to be placed until the prior order ships unless you allow multiple orders. Amazon Dash Button is a stress-free device built to make your life easier.
In order to fully utilize a Dash Button, you must be an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Dash Button allows you to reorder from leading brands – including Bounty, Tide, Cottonelle, Glad, Clorox, Gatorade, Maxwell House, smartwater, Izze, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Larabar, Olay, Gillette, L’Oreal, Gerber, Huggies, Wellness, Finish, Dixie, Optimum Nutrition, Greenies, Hefty, Orbit, Ziploc, Depend, Ice Breakers, Digestive Advantage and Mrs. Meyers with more brands being added monthly.

To get yours, all you have to do is sign up for Amazon Prime, order the desired Amazon Dash Button (like the Tide button for example), configure it to your Wi-Fi using an app on your smart phone, place it conveniently near where you use the product and then push the button each time you need an item. Your order shows up in two days with free shipping since you are an Amazon Prime customer. It really makes shopping for common things very easy. I’ve even read some articles that indicate that Dash is just a first step. Imagine a world where the washing machine orders its own detergent, fabric softener and bleach or a pantry that keeps an inventory stock of often used items…it’ really not that far away. You know, Ford has already announced a 2021 self-driving (can you say “George Jetson”) car!

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