Happy Daylights Savings Time! Did you spring ahead and remember to move your clocks ahead one hour? I always have a hard time with losing the hour but love gaining it back in the fall. Today, I’m doing a quick round-up of some of my favorite things. Let’s get caught up about what’s going on around here lately. But first, I’m going to share a scary story about how we almost lost Max.

Frightening, I know! Max was really sick and lethargic on Thursday and when I walked outside I found him laying in the backyard unresponsive and couldn’t even lift his head. After a near nervous breakdown (insert me screaming hysterically), I rushed him to our vet and we spent the day there. They did blood work, took x-rays and monitored him. Sparky went with us for moral support. Long story… Basically after three anti-nausea shots, they finally got him to keep some water down and let us go home. Pete and I monitored him closely over night (insert: we felt like newborn parents again getting up four times during the night) and checked in with the vet on Friday morning. They decided to put him on three different meds to treat an infection and calm everything down. We will probably never know what he got into. The vet ruled out poison, toys, medicine, trash and other obvious items. Both dogs are always together, eat the same food and go on the same daily walk with me. Somehow Max got sick and Sparky was perfectly fine. It’s sort of like when we get a stomach bug or food poisoning. You never really know where you picked it up…

OK, now that we are on the mend and things are getting back to normal around here (hence no blog post on Friday), I want to share some of my favorite things with you that I talk about a lot on Snapchat and Instagram Stories (video stories if you click my Instagram picture). Beneath each picture below, I will tell you why I like it and how to find it.

Also, I want to mention that there will be a lot of giveaways coming up for my subscribers. A subscriber is someone who has signed up to receive my e-mails. Not sure if you have? You can subscribe here. I like to reward all of you who are loyal readers. Prepare yourself for an advance screening event, the Dallas International Film Festival (I have a VIP package), the New Friends New Life Luncheon with keynote speaker Ashton Kutcher and much more!

So all that being said about what’s going on around here lately, how are you doing?  xoxo – Tanya

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Tanya Foster talks about LeMetier de Beaute, Chanel Olly Nutrician and her dogs Sparky and Max

I love wearing my Outdoor Voices workout clothes to walk the dogs. These GiGi New York leather dog leashes and collars are so stylish for my pups.

Tanya Foster talks about LeMetier de Beaute, Chanel Olly Nutrician and her dogs Sparky and Max

Yep, I’m still OBSESSED with Olly Vitamins and I order them online here. My absolute favorites are ENDLESS ENERGY and RESTFUL SLEEP. I have recently tried THE MEGA OMEGA-3 and I don’t like the taste. They have a fishy aftertaste (even though the flavor is sweet clementine). I take several of the flavors daily and have tried most of them. Pete thinks its my way to eat candy. 🙂

Tanya Foster talks about LeMetier de Beaute, Chanel Olly Nutrician and her dogs Sparky and Max

Tina Adams-Mason, freelance make-up artist and Le Metier de Beaute guru taught me this make up trick and it really works! You can find her at the downtown Neiman Marcus store in cosmetics and I highly suggest making an appointment with her. Use the Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Radience Serum BEFORE your foundation or WITH your foundation to make it go on silky smooth. Your pores will be smaller and your face will look flawless. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin. Game changer!

I put it on my clean face right before I apply my AmorePacific foundation. But you could use the LeMetier de Beaute foundation if you want to. Check out this blog post to see why I love AmorePacific foundation. I use color #104 – Light Medium and my compact has lasted six months!

Tanya Foster talks about LeMetier de Beaute, Chanel Olly Nutrician and her dogs Sparky and Max

Hylton Lea and I became friends through a Neiman Marcus event I was hosting. We instantly hit it off and I absolutely adore the man. I mean if he told me to smear butter on my face because it would make me look younger, I probably would give it a try. If you saw the mans skin you would understand why I believe everything he tells me. So when he asked me to try the Le Metier de Beaute Ultra Replenishing Solution, I was happy to oblige. I wrote this blog post about all the products I was trying so be sure to check it out.

Ultra Replenishing Solution is a deep dermal hydration and it fills the moisture barrier from within. Best moisturizer on the market! Light texture but staggeringly nourishing for the skin. I absolutely love how light it is. Linking you to everything I’m using right now including their mascara which I really love.

RX Bars and That's it bars

During my Whole30 journey (linking you to what I learned about myself), I discovered RXBars and That’s It bars. They are both Whole30 approved. I have continued to use these for my afternoon snack when I get hungry around 3-4 PM. My absolute favorite flavor of RXBars is Maple Sea Salt. Y’all, its SOOOOOOOOO good! I like all the That’s It bars are good too but know that they are a fruit bar. I order them online here. By the way, they are only 210 calories.

Tanya Foster talks about LeMetier de Beaute, Chanel Olly Nutrician and her dogs Sparky and Max

I try out all kinds of makeup products and get hundreds of beauty products shipped to me from brands hoping that I will talk about them. The only products that make it to the blog are the ones I try and honestly believe in. So I am sharing a few with you today. My favorite eye shadow palate is Chanel, and my all-time favorite way to achieve long lashes is to use this product every night (not pictured) and then combine the Lancome Cils Booster (one layer to top lashes only, let it dry) and use the Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara (it comes in water proof and regular) on top. I  DO NOT have lash extensions but I get asked if I do all the time. Nope, they are all mine! I like this Saint Laurent lipstick that I just ordered but honestly, I’m more of a matte lipstick gal. This one is super rich and creamy.  This is color #32 – Coral Jalouse and will be perfect for summer.

Elizabeth Arden cosmetics

I just got these products from Elizabeth Arden in the mail and I’m giving them a try. I will report back my findings but I do love the brand. Linking you to all the items in case you want to try them with me. Let me know what you think. I do like their Grand Entrance mascara and it makes a bold statement.

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