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SECA machine for the Metabolic Body Program

Formula Wellness injections for the Metabolic Body Program

Dr. Rudman going over Formula Wellness plan

Happy February. Finally! I thought January would never end. If you have been with me for any length of my blogger life (7 years), you know that I am always trying to lose that 10 lbs. that seems to somehow find it’s way to my body. I lose it and it creeps back on. While I have always proclaimed that ‘you are what you eat’, I also know that you can effect how you look with working out, taking vitamins & supplements, eating right and taking care of yourself. While I feel like I am 90% there, I decided to try the Metabolic Body Program at Formula Wellness. WOW! What a difference. And they have a SPECIAL OFFER for my subscribers & followers.

metabolic body program | formula wellness 

What is Formula Wellness? It’s much more than just a medical practice. Formula Wellness is also a comprehensive program that includes: Thorough on-site medical testing, customized workout and diet solutions, as well as supplements, injections, detoxifying IV infusions, and bioidentical hormone therapy designed to refresh and energize your body. So basically, it combines the best parts of a medical practice and a medical spa. Click HERE for their list of Wellness programs.

Since I get a lot of these services done at other doctors offices, I decided to focus on the Metabolic Body Program. After all, who doesn’t want their body to function at the optimum level? You may not know this about me, but any medical practice or medical spa that I visit, I insist that there is a MD that is part of the program. In fact, I don’t let anyone other than an MD inject me with during aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Brian Rudman and Chrissy Rudman, RTR, CNMT are the brains behind Formula Wellness. There are four offices in the Dallas area with plans for expansion. Their mission – to get people WELL! I met with Dr. Rudman before getting started and he is a wealth of knowledge, especially about weight, gut health, supplements, hormones and much more. It’s funny how we think of a healthy meal versus how our parents thought of it. How many of you grew up on casseroles with processed food? ME! I felt comfortable knowing that I was in good hands. When I met with Chrissy, I was immediately at ease with how well she knew diet, nutrition, vitamins, supplements, exercise and more. Just take a look at her – she is the picture of health!

I signed up for the Metabolic Body Program in late November. Not the best timing due to the holidays but I thought this would be a good jump start on resetting myself for the new year. You know how everyone is on board with Whole 30, Dry January… on January 1. Why not back it up a bit? Seemed logical to me.

The first step is the New Patient Package. This consists of blood work, a RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) test, SECA scan (body composition analyzer), and EKG and a provider consultation. Note: From your testing date until your consultation will be about a week so that the blood work can make it back from the lab. I did my initial testing and blood work on November 12 and then went in to meet with Dr. Rudman to review my results on November 23. It was at this meeting that he and I together set my goals. I wanted to lose 7-10 lbs while gaining energy. In general, I just needed some guidance and fine tuning.

I then had a follow up meeting with Chrissy to discuss nutrition. It was at this meeting that she had me log on to the MyFitness Pal app and she entered my settings to help me achieve my goals. Based on all of my testing, I can burn 1200 calories a day BY DOING NOTHING. Yes, I was shocked too! Who knew such a thing existed. This is known as your resting metabolic rate. However, I was 100% in sugar burning mode. YIKES – not good! This means that my body was burning off sugar for energy. But what you want your body to burn is fat. She set my calories to 1200 per day with the ratios being 75g protein, 30g net carbs, 25g fiber, 20g sugar and 87g fat. So while I have been loosely ‘Keto’ by simply watching my net carbs, I wasn’t focused on the rest of the equation. WHERE your daily calories come from and when you eat them is very important. And cutting out all sugar by looking at labels is key. The settings she gave me are specifically for me and my goals.

Once you get your plan in place, you pop in (without appointment) weekly for check-in, weigh in (if you want to), a weekly MIC shot (Methionine, Inositol, and Choline – helps as a fat burner) and anything else you want to add to your shot. Since it’s cold and flu season, not to mention we are at an all-time high Covid-19 rate, I add B-12 and Vitamin D. I also log everything that goes in my mouth in the MyFitness Pal app.

A note about hormones: I’ve been on bioidentical hormones through my Ob/Gyn for several years. I’m in menopause and have been dealing with symptoms of pre-menopause for over 10 years. Dr. Rudman noted that my estrogen and progesterone levels were perfectly balanced. However, I literally had zero testosterone. My Ob/Gyn had brought this to my attention before when I was in for my annual and blood work but honestly, it never bothered me so I left it alone. That is until Dr. Rudman explained to me that testosterone helps you balance out the other hormones and build muscle. And you need muscle to burn fat for efficiently. BINGO! I now get the proper dosage of testosterone added to my weekly shot. Perfect balance! Click HERE to hear me answer a few questions about my hormone journey.

I did another round of blood work and testing on January 8 and guess what? I’m now in 100% fat burning mode. YAY! I’ve also lost 5 lbs, have tons of energy, feel better and my clothes fit better. All of those results were achieved in 2 months while making it through three holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. The key to all of this? Have a plan and stick to it! Dr. Rudman and Chrissy helped set me on a path for success.

I’ve enjoyed this program because it’s science that works! You can sign up for their monthly programs or do it a la carte. The first step is to sign up for the New Patient Package. The normal rate for this is $250 (does not include the charge for your bloodwork). My subscribers/followers will receive $100 OFF the New Patient Package by mentioning TANYA and/or this blog post.  NOTE: You can have your blood work submitted through your insurance or they can charge you a flat fee of $200. I will tell you that the $200 in-house price was less than my insurance part that I owed. It’s because they are doing extensive testing.

I also want to mention that Formula Wellness offers many other services. Hormone Therapy, Aesthetic Medicine, Skincare services, IV Therapy, Wellness Treatments, Covid-19 Testing and Concierge Wellness. I’ve recently just tried the Neo Emsculpt machine and really like it. Click HERE for my Formula Wellness Instagram Favorites folder to see some of my visits. You can get a feel for what I am doing.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get the Formula Wellness Metabolic Body Program NEW PATIENT PACKAGE for only $150 by mentioning TANYA or this blog post. Call 214-931-9443 to get started. This is a $100 discount for you.

You can get this done at any of the Formula Wellness offices and pop into the office most convenient to you. Personally, I go to the Park Cities and Uptown locations.

How are you achieving your best self? Balance? Well-being?

xoxo – Tanya

P.S. My loungewear can be found in this post.


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