Dr. Mary CollingsDr. Mary CollingsDr. Mary CollingsDr. Mary CollingsDr. Mary Collings

Want to know who the best chiropractor in DFW is? In my opinion, its Dr. Mary Collings. But I think I am not alone in that opinion. She is the chiropractor for the Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks and many more. On any given day you can run in to Dirk Nowitzki and many other athletes waiting for her magic hands. She is the most pleasant, calm and reassuring doctor and always has a gentle touch. And her office staff offers top-notch customer care consistently. She has had the same staff the entire time I have seen her.

You might be wondering why I see a chiropractor. I am going to attribute this to high school drill team and college dance teams among many other things. Surely it wasn’t good doing many series of high kicks on a wood floor wearing non supportive Ked tennis shoes. Nevertheless, if I have the smallest twinge of pain in my back, neck, hips or anything else that lines up with my spine, I am on speed dial with her office. Additionally, she treated our daughter Taylor through all of her dance years. Miracle worker, I tell you.

It’s funny what is prominent in a doctor’s waiting room. For Dr. Mary, its sports memorabilia and her hot tamale candy dish. If I post a picture of that candy dish on Facebook, people know exactly where I am. Need an alignment? Give her a ring, I highly recommend her!

I bet just reading today’s post made you sit up straighter and think about your alignment. Happy Monday! xoxo – Tanya

Highland Park Spine & Sports / Las Colinas Spine & Sports / 214.252.0000 

About Dr. Mary Collings

With 16 years of chiropractic experience in the metroplex, Dr. Collings adds her unique personal touch to her professional hands that have soothed and straightened the back of more than 3,000 patients including Chuck Norris, Keanu Reeves, the Backstreet Boys as well as professional athletes from the PGA, NFL, NHL, NBA and Pro Beach Volleyball. Dr. Collings has also treated patients from 2 weeks old to 94 years old and many in between.

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