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Acting: The next phase of life

In case you are wondering, I came in to “the biz” late in life.  I have always loved film.  Every facet of it.  Watching film, analyzing film, discussing film… it takes you to another place.  It is also something that every generation can enjoy. 

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The day after…moving on from the holidays

The day after…moving on from the holidays

Today I met my college roommate, lifelong friend and Godmother of my children for lunch.  This is our annual tradition.  Let the hectic Christmas plans come and go and then we will meet for a long lunch and exchange gifts.  I look forward to this every year.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Or is it?  Are you ready for the holidays?  Is anyone ever ready?  It never seems to play out the way it does on TV or in film.  In my mind, it should be just like it is on a soap opera.  A lot of sparkle, shine and glamour. ...

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Ah, the coffee meeting

A friend asked me to meet her for coffee today.  That excites me because I love meeting for coffee.  A lot.  My favorite place for a coffee meeting of late is NUMBER ONE in Highland Park Village.  Why do I like it?  It is calm, clean, refreshing, tasty, beautiful and...

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To winter white or not

I am a huge fan of social media.  Probably because I am a visual learner.  It just makes it easy to absorb.  One of my obsessions is Pinterest.  I love pinning things I like, want and need.  And one of the things I like is FASHION.  To winter white or not?  I do it a...

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Let’s get started…

Hi! I'm Tanya Foster and this is my blog. What will I be blogging about? Oh, let's see... Film + Fashion + Fun! You see, I'm a 40+ Dallasite who fancies herself famous (if only in my mind). I am on the go and in the know. Enjoy the journey. xoxo- Tanya

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