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HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE! Say it with me – 2020 is coming to an end! I have LOVED the downtime this week. Have you? We typically stay in for NYE anyway so celebrating low key during a pandemic just seems normal to me. It’s time for my annual BLOOPERS blog post. This is always a subscriber favorite. Just me, making fun of myself and showing you all the outtakes. Enjoy!

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? Goals? I typically look back at the previous year and try to improve on it. I think we can all agree that when it comes to 2020, we’ll just say ‘What the heck was that’? Here’s hoping to better things in 2021.

Now, on with the show. The Bloopers, Outtakes and other funny stuff happen along the way. Every time I get my photo’s back from my photographer Audrie Dollins, there’s always one or two hilarious shots. Each of the pictures below is linked to the original blog post, in case you are actually interested in what I have on. Not that the awkward picture is going to help sell anything. What’s life if you can’t laugh at yourself?

ENJOY! See you back here next year!

xoxo – Tanya

photo: Audrie Dollins

Bloopers, Outtakes and Other Funny Stuff

Tanya Foster with Amlactin

I guess I’m praying about my lotion? Namaste!


Teal Eliza J wrap dress

I’m pretty sure everyone is rushing to order this teal sweater dress based on my enthusiasm!


Laura and Tanya eating outside

In my 7 Tips for Al Fresco Dining and Entertaining post I think I forgot to list SMILE! I’m so glad that my adorable assistant Laura puts up with me…


Tanya Foster with pool cocktails

I kid you not – I actually asked Audrie Dollins if this close up shot was cute. I mean, how inviting…cocktails with a crazed person! However, my favorite summer cocktail recipe is in the blog post. Click HERE to get it.


Tanya Foster in a jumpsuit

The title of this blog post is Feeling Blue. I can see why.


Tanya Foster doing a lunge

This blog post doesn’t even come out until January. I bet you’re excited…  I’m sooooo dramatic! If you happen to want the details on this look, it’s already linked in my Instagram. Click HERE.


Cozy Earth loungewear

What? You don’t lounge like this in front of the fireplace? You can still get Cozy Earth 50% off with code TANYA50. Click HERE for details.


Tanya Foster wearing Chico's linen

How I feel when I’m shooting in 100 degree weather! I do love this Life in Linen blog post.


Tanya and Quest protein shake

Delicious, I promise! 🙂  Click HERE for my blog post about Keto and Quest products.


Tanya Foster with life size nutcracker

Did you meet my new best friend? Mr. Nut Cracker. Hahahaha! Also – JAZZ HANDS!  Details on this winter look – click HERE


Tanya Foster in an animal print blouse and jeans

I guess I needed some vitamin D on my hands. I do still love a good animal print blouse. Details in this blog post.


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Tanya Foster in squat stretch in ralph lauren denim and top for bloopers and outtakes best of 2020

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