Diamond Foundry, tanya foster, tanyafoster.com
Diamond Foundry, tanya foster, tanyafoster.comDiamond Foundry, tanya foster, tanyafoster.com

Diamond Foundry, tanya foster, tanyafoster.com

Diamond Foundry, tanya foster, tanyafoster.com

Do you know where your diamonds come from? Me neither. Until I was introduced to Diamond Foundry and discovered that they have come up with an innovative way to create eco-friendly diamonds. Hey, Leonardo DiCaprio invested in them so it’s certainly worth a look.

The award-winning jewelry designers at Diamond Foundry offer diamonds that are hot-forged under a plasma akin to the sun to be environmentally responsible and ethically pure. Each foundry-made diamond is uniquely created in California. Recently launched to the public, Diamond Foundry offers a new choice in diamonds. Even under a high-resolution microscope, foundry diamonds are indistinguishable from their earth-mined relatives. Not even a trained gemologist can tell the difference. The main difference is actually their guaranteed pure evolution – from the source straight to your finger.

  • 100% Responsible: Foundry diamonds are created in harmony with nature and humanity, avoiding the ecological toll of mining and human rights violations often associated with the diamond industry.
  • Rare: unlike diamonds mass-produced in industrial mines, hot-forging is a small batch process. Foundry diamonds are very rare indeed, far less than .01% of the quantity of diamonds mined from the Earth.
  • Each unique: each foundry diamond acquires atomic imperfections and inclusions that make every one unique. Every diamond is inspected by a GIA Graduate Gemologist and graded based on the industry- standard 4C scale.

How does it work? Their process of making diamonds begins with a thin slice of earth-mined diamonds. We grow the diamond atom by atom, then re-use the original slice. They create small batches of diamonds – they are not mass-produced. With their natural lineage, each diamond is unique and inspected by our in-house gemologist for the same microscopic inclusions found in earth-mined diamonds.

Have a special someone you need to celebrate? You can go to the Diamond Foundry website and shop their diamond jewelry, engagement rings and gifts. And you can know that it allows you or a loved one to treat yourself in diamonds while supporting a humanly and environmentally sound process.

Give them a try. Leonardo would approve!  xoxo- Tanya


Photo credit: Mary Summers

This post was sponsored by Diamond Foundry. All opinions are my own.

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