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Sigh, the dreaded swimsuit shopping experience is here.  With spring break coming up and summer around the corner, it is inevitable that I have to find some new suits and cute cover ups.  Don’t you remember being in high school and college and LOVING this experience? That along with making sure you were as tan as possible even if it meant laying in a tanning bed to get ready to lay out by the pool with friends.  And when you laid out by the pool you were drenched in baby oil which contained absolutely no SPF.  In fact, getting a sunburn meant that you got some good sun rays that day. My dermatologist thanks me for this behavior and my need to come in and have this sun damaged removed.

Swimsuit love – at this age, not so much.  Are there any rules to live by?  By that I mean at this age am I supposed to only be wearing a one-piece swimsuit?  I don’t know and it’s overwhelming to me. While browsing some beach essentials on-line, I came across this hysterical blog post and I really feel the need to re-post some of her findings. This blogger is much funnier than I am and she is saying out loud what we are thinking.  Enjoy!

xoxo- Tanya

The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit catalogue

(excerpts taken from Words by the Glass post)


In case you just must have a VS swim suit, but prefer to keep your crack to yourself, here’s your other style option.  There is apparently no middle ground at VS. You’re either showing everything you have or channeling your great grandmother’s swim diaper.  Seriously, this looks like a DIAPER.  I guess if you aren’t 85 lbs. then you might as well just be a whole 120!


They forgot to rinse this one off. And wake her up.


And this one is just stupid. Yes, I’d like for my chest to look like a xylophone ALL SUMMER LONG.  Hello other moms at the Y.  Yes, I’m desperately holding on to my 20’s.

bikini - Victoria's Secret

If you’re considering purchasing one of these bikinis, then I’m going to give you some suggestions for standing in public. Apparently, this is what you need to do. DO. NOT. MOVE.  Or whatever isn’t already out, is probably going to fall out.  Standing positions available to you:

Victoria-Secret-Swimsuit-Catalog-2013Victoria-Secret-Swim-Catalog-2012 WTFSG-2014-victorias-secret-swim-catalog-book-2-6



All photo’s from the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit catalogue



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