I am publishing this post again because I have had so many questions about it. It originally posted during the holidays but it is such a great find that I am sharing it again. In short, YES, you will get jeans that traditionally retail for $180 for only $65! I am doing a fashion shoot in them today so stay tuned for an upcoming blog post in my DSTLD premium denim.




OK, if you read this blog religiously (and I hope you do) you should know two things by now.  1) I love to wear jeans and  2) I like to know about a great fashion find. And if that fashion find provides me a discount well then hallelujah!

I found both in DSTLD jeans. Of course, I must give Meghan Foster credit for this as she is the one who introduced me to this concept. Meghan is our daughter that lives in L.A. and is in the know about all things. What is DSTLD? It stands for “dis’ tild” as in “DSTLD strips away excess and impurities to present luxury-grade premium denim and essentials without the retail markup”.

Here is how it works. You go to their website and order the jeans that you want. They have mens and womens jeans in a wide variety of styles, sizes, fit and color. I ordered the High Waisted Skinny Jeans in the Dusk Vintage wash. I know that you are shocked that I need yet another set of skinny jeans. But you know how I like to rock a skinny jean and tall boot with layers. You will then receive you jeans in the mail in a black box. The pictures above are of my personal shipment and jeans. They fit great and are super soft (you will see them on me in a future blog post). Definitely the same quality as my other designer jeans but at a much better price. Instead of paying the traditional retail price of $180, mine were only $65. And they offer FREE shipping and returns. How are they doing this? They are cutting out the regular retail distribution model and giving you the discount in between.

Brilliant, I say! Give them a try and let me know what you think. xoxo- Tanya

DSTLD jeans

Thank you to DSTLD jeans for sponsoring this post.

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