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In exactly one week it will be fall. Once September 23rd gets here you need to be ready with these big fall trends. Fortunately for you, I am here to walk you through it and link you to some of the best examples.

 Super high waistlines. This 70’s influence got its start this spring but it is really huge for fall. In addition to looking like you have a tiny waist, your legs will go on forever!  Tanya’s picks: I love these and I own these.

Plaid! Especially dresses. It’s a great way to wear pattern and color and camouflage a few things. In my dreams pick: This is to die for! And I love this one that I have shown you in a previous post.

The Bucket bag. As far as I’m concerned this never goes out of style. Picks: This and this one is super affordable (under $100).

Bling. I love a good chunky necklace and big cocktail rings. I am a minimalist when it comes to every day jewelry but I went all out with this trend and just got something new. Tanya’s splurge: This statement necklace (on SALE)

Wraps and ponchos. They are fashions solution for how to wear a comfy blanket in public. I mean, just be honest – it’s so smart!  My favs: This and this one I just blogged about here yesterday (duh, trendsetter)! And how about this one from Privilege Clothing (ONLY $41) – LOVE!

Fringe. It’s not just for the cowgirl and cowboy events in your life. This trend also started in the spring (look back at this blog post about spring trends). Picks: This and this.

 Faux fur. A fur vest can make jeans and a tee look much more glamorous, don’t you think? My favorite: This one that I just picked up and will blog about soon (and pictured above).

How many of these will you engage in? I will do them all!  xoxo- Tanya

Photo credit: Mary Summers



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