Today’s post took my a long time to put together. It’s because I am giving away a lot of my blogger secrets. I have rounded up a lot of my fashion hacks and I am linking you directly to the sources to get them. Most of this post is a combination due to questions you have been asking me (Lisa C. and Alison M. to name a few). So thank you to my readers for being the inspiration behind this post!

Happy weekend!  Let me know if you like this post and my little secrets.  xoxo- Tanya

Should you wear pantyhose?

spring is in the air, nordstrom, tanya foster,

Typically, I say no. But there are times (like now) when you are between wearing tights and the no pantyhose look. It’s chilly outside and you haven’t been keeping up with your self tanner regimen. In these cases, I wear these nude fishnet hose that you can barely see. They are from Spanx so I really love them! I have them on in the picture above. Can’t tell can you? By the way, Spanx has the best faux leather leggings as seen in this blog post. The complete outfit in this picture is from this blog post.

How do you get your clothes ready for a shoot?

Nordstrom dress, tanya foster,

That’s a funny story. I pull looks, sort them in my closet, lay them out with accessories and then just pray that it all comes together on shoot day. Due to collaborations, I try to shoot at least four looks in one hour with my awesome photographer Mary Summers. That’s why you have to be organized! Oh, and I have found that this steamer really helps!

Do you wash and style your hair every day? It’s always perfect on the blog.

tanya foster-12-3

Heavens NO! In fact, when you run in to me at the grocery store or at the movie theater you know it doesn’t look like this every day. My shoot days are scheduled and I book a blow out immediately before my shoot. That way I know that my hair will behave. I do however always do my own make-up and styling. By the way, I can make a salon blow out last for 3 days. Want to know my secret? Ask them NOT to put any product in your hair. For the best color and style visit The Michael Flores Salon. (My hair: Color by Michael Flores and cut/style by Todd Allen)



You are always in heels. Do you ever wear flats?

M. Gemi,

Absolutely! Don’t get me wrong – I love high heels! But I just discovered this great Italian shoe company that makes high quality shoes for the a fraction of the cost of normal Italian shoes. It’s called M.Gemi and I just ordered the loafers in the picture above. The color is rasberry and there is a waitlist for them! They come in 17 colors. They also have beautiful heels and a huge selection of luxury shoes (for much less). Read their story here. They offer FREE shipping and returns.



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