Film+Fashion+Fun is ONE! This blog post is dedicated to YOU, my loyal followers and readers. I appreciate your patience as I learned to blog, update technology, find material, research and report. I have found my voice and hope that you like what I have to say.

I thought I would take second and explain how this blog works. The blog post is written and published five times a week, Monday – Friday. I usually take weekends off unless there is a super important sale to tell you about. The blog is actually a website, so if you ever need to just go there it is Each post publishes on the website every morning at 7:00 AM. If you have subscribed to the blog, it pushes out via e-mail at 9:00 AM. So if you are reading it in your e-mail, you are actually reading the newsletter version of the daily blog post. If you click on any of the links that I give you (in bold and usually pink) it will take you directly to the site I am talking about. This is important on the FASHION posts because I am linking you directly to what I have on in the pictures and/or describing to you in the post.

Occasionally, a blog post is sponsored. That means I am telling you about a product, service or location because I have been compensated to try something new and bring it to my readers. It will always be noted at the bottom of the post with a statement like “Thank you to xxxx for sponsoring this post.”  In any and all blog posts (sponsored or not) my opinions are my own. If you click any of the links and shop with me, I get credit for that sale. So please click the links and shop away. Additionally, in the right column on the home page, I list the retailers I like to shop with. You can click any of those and shop too.

You might wonder why I chose the name Film+Fashion+Fun. That’s really simple. They are the three things I really LOVE! It’s also defined in my ABOUT tab. All of my favorite things stay on the SHOP tab and you can click the picture to find the item anytime. Occasionally, other people write about me and that can be found on the PRESS tab. All blog posts are archived and never go away. If there is something I wrote about and you want to refer to it again, just put that topic in the SEARCH box and it will find it for you.

I want to thank my website designer Marc Lee for designing my site and training me. He has held my hand and kept me sane during this journey. Without him I would have quit long ago. Thank you MARC!

My style: Joe Fresh knit dress (old) but similar here and here / over-the-knee boots / tights / sunglasses / bracelets / earringsTom Ford lipstick

I hope I have answered some of your questions. What is your favorite thing about Film+Fashion+Fun? Leave me a comment. xoxo- Tanya

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Photo credit: Mary Summers

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