GLAMboxI love products that help me stay organized and make my life easier.  Recently, I discovered GLAMbox.  Jessica Karasik, owner and founder of GLAMbox gifted me the jewelry GLAMpetite and it did wonders for my jewelry. I was using an antique box and my daily jewelry was over spilling and just everywhere. I couldn’t find anything and when I wanted to grab a necklace it was usually tangled with other necklaces.  Imagine how my husband felt when I was never wearing anything he gave me because I couldn’t find it or it was in a knot.

I took some before and after pictures so you can see the miracle that occurred.  I actually found jewelry that I forgot about – bonus!


GLAMbox also makes the GLAMrod ($30) and GLAMtube ($15).  They are excellent for graduation gifts.  What a perfect way for any college girl to organize her bracelets and hair ties.  To shop for any of the GLAMbox products visit their website at  Enjoy getting organized.

GLAMrod-350x350 GLAMtube1-350x350About GLAMbox/Jessica Karasik

The GLAMbox was first conceived and designed approximately 8 years ago. I was moving out of state and realized after a major cleaning how much makeup, beauty products, and jewelry I had never used and forgotten about. I realized at that point that I wanted to design something to store my products so that I could use them on a daily basis. It was also important to me that the design was easy on the eye and pretty to look at. The plastic storage boxes that could be bought at the store weren’t going to cut it. So, I decided to have my boxes custom made to accommodate my needs. As the years went by I received numerous compliments on my custom made organizers. This made me realize that if my friends and family are asking for them, the rest of you will want them too. I have decided to follow my passion for beauty and organization and am very excited to introduce everyone to my Glamboxes, so here we go!



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