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It’s National Dog Day! Where would I be without Sparky and Max? They are my office mates, my daily walk companions and much more. In fact, yesterday Max killed a rat. That on top of everything else that happened yesterday has me saying T.G.I F.!

If you follow me on social media, you know that yesterday was the day from HELL. My blog website blew up, the washing machine malfunctioned and water leaked all over my hardwood floors and Max caught a rat in the backyard and killed it. I can’t get too mad at him. Norfolk Terriers are ratters and it’s what this breed of dog was used for many years ago. I wasn’t exactly praising him during the ordeal, I was screaming for Pete to come down and handle matters. YUCK!

In case you missed yesterday’s blog post about my amazing trip to Lake Austin Spa Resort, I am linking it for you here. After the day I had yesterday, I need to go back immediately.  Anyway, I digress. It’s National Dog Day so let’s celebrate! I buy most of Max and Sparky’s treats at Lucky Dog Barkery in Preston Center. But I look all over for cute dog related stuff. I found a bunch for you and am linking them below.

Do you have a dog? Leave me a comment and let me know about your special pet. Happy weekend! xoxo- Tanya

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