Tanya Foster with her dogs and Heed Foods

Heed Foods kibbles

Tanya Foster pouring Heed Foods kibbles into Mackenzie-Childs dog bowls

Heed Foods food toppers for dogs

Tanya Foster adding Heed Foods topping to kibbles

Heed Foods kibbles and topper in MacKenzie-Childs dog bowls

As most of you know, Max and Sparky are our two dogs. Let me tell you, they love food, but I never see them go crazy for anything like they do for Heed Foods premium dog food. Just the scent of the bag makes them excited! What’s even better is that Heed Foods is designed to give your pup a healthy gut, which gives them a healthy life. Designed by leading pet nutritionists, I have yet to find any other dog food like this on the market.

Heed Foods was established on the idea of seeking the best food for your pet. They only use the highest quality ingredients from trusted and reputable suppliers so that you know exactly what is going into your beloved pet’s belly. The kibbles come in two flavors: fresh chicken & ancient grains or fresh salmon & superfoods. Heed Foods also makes three flavors of freeze-dried toppers to make your dog’s food even more nutrient dense and tastier.

Here’s how you use it. After you pour the regular amount of food into the bowl, just sprinkle on the tasty toppers. You can use one flavor or mix a couple together like I do. The food looks so gourmet, especially in my hand-crafted MacKenzie-Childs bowls. Read more about why I love these dog bowls and mats here. Another amazing perk of Heed Foods is that they deliver right to your doorstep. No need to go to the pet store and lug around a bag of dog food anymore. Simply place your order online. You can do a one time purchase or choose one of their subscription plans. I always go for the 4 week plan.

Now, I want to know all about your furry friend. Leave me a comment and share your pet details.

xoxo – Tanya

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Photo: Audrie Dollins

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Tanya Foster showing dogs Heed Foods

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