Happy New Year! I know exactly what you are thinking because I know how you feel. It’s January 1st and I should have a plan for a better ME! I feel this way every single year. Except for this year, I am ahead of the game. That’s because I am still on Ideal Protein and it got me through the holidays. Now for the next phase.

You read this blog post that I published about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method immediately after Thanksgiving. I know you did because you have been stopping me when I see you and you have many questions. It gives you all the details of the plan. A lot of you said “I can’t think about dieting until we get through the holidays”. Well guess what? We are here. I kept up with my Ideal Protein regimen because it got me through the past month. I lightened up a bit and certainly enjoyed holiday parties, dinners, wine, food and a little too much peppermint bark. But because I had the great education, Ideal Protein snacks and guidelines, I knew exactly what to do when I slipped up a little. The result? I only gained 1 pound during the holidays (as a reminder, I lost 13 pounds on Ideal Protein). What now? My next goal is to jump right back in, reset myself to Phase 1 and lose a few more pounds and inches. It’s easy because Mike Walden, certified health coach, has trained me to how to do this and my body is remembering the healthy habits.

I know you have 2016 goals. This should be one of them. Join me and let your weight melt right off of you. Call Mike Walden at BodylogicMD of Dallas: (469) 713-2055‎, press option 4 or e-mail him at mwalden@bodylogicmd.com to get your consultation set up. Readers of film+fashion+fun will get an additional discount by mentioning this blog post. The program is usually $597.00 for start-up and you will receive a $100 DISCOUNT.

Your discounted package for $497.00 includes: a health profile by Dr. Nikki Walden ($395.00 value), 28 meal variety pack of Ideal Protein food (enough for the first week – $120 value), your Ideal Protein shaker, consultation folder and food journal, your initial consultation, a body composition work up ($45.00 value), all of your vitamins and supplements for 30-60 days ($115.00 value). The value of everything you get in your first meeting is $675.00!

HURRAY! You can do this – you are worth it!  xoxo- Tanya

Photo credit: Mary Summers

This blog post was done in collaboration with BODYLOGICMD of Dallas. All opinions are my own.




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