Hostess Gifts for 2018

Parties, luncheons and gatherings galore! Don’t forget to bring a hostess gift. These are also great for Neighbors, Co-Workers and Friends too!

Hope you all had a great week and are getting excited about Thanksgiving next week. I’m sharing the third gift guide…Hostess Gift Guide. But the truth is these make excellent gifts for friends and neighbors too. I’ve shared Holiday Home and Gifts For Her. Make sure to take a look at those if you haven’t already. You can find all of my gift guides in the navigation bar (above) or by clicking here. I add more items every week so keep checking back.

Now on to the Hostess Gift Guide… As always, I made sure to include items at different price points to give you some options that you don’t have to spend a fortune on. As I said, many of these gifts are great ideas for friends, co-workers, teachers, and neighbors, as well as for the hostess. Be sure to stock up!

My favorite gift from this guide is probably the Big O Key Ring. I linked the rose gold croc embossed color but it comes in tons of other colors! It’s a unique, stylish, functional, unpredictable gift. Everyone loves them!

Another cute gift is these festive glasses. They come in a set of four and are under $50. Bring those and a nice bottle of alcohol as a nice gift for a hostess. Or you could bring this pretty 12 Days of Christmas tray.

Gift Etiquette Tip: Don’t ever bring a hostess something that has to be made, eaten, or handled right at that moment. It’s considered rude to expect the hostess to take time out of hosting the party to take care of what you brought. That’s why it’s best to bring a bottle of wine, sweet treats, candles, etc. because they can be used at a later date.