Tanya Foster nails with nail polish at home makeover

At HomeDip/Gel Polish Removal Kit – Verbena Parlor 

tanya foster nails before at home manicure

Dip Polish removed


OPI infinite shine set

tanya foster before at home manicure

Tanya Foster before at home manicure

Nails filed and base coat applied

Tanya Foster after step 2 OPI infinite shine set 2

This is hard!

OPI infinite shine 2 polish

big matte top coat and cuccio naturale cuticle revitalizing oil

Only two days left until we are out of shelter in place. Praise be!  Although things are opening up, we still can’t go to the nail salon for another few weeks. I wrote about 5 things to do at home during quarantine, and one of those things is an at-home manicure. It is the perfect time to try your hand (literally) at doing your own mani/pedi. Although the experts are irreplaceable, here are some tips to remove your dip and gel nails plus how to give yourself a professional-grade manicure. Well, I don’t know how professional it is…

Let me say this – I have never missed my manicurist more than during this stay-in-place time of my life. I normally get my dip polish manicure and regular pedicure at Sophia’s Nail Salon Spa in Dallas. My go-to colors are Funny Bunny nails and Figi toes. Sophia is the nail salon owner and does my nails. I absolutely adore her and can’t wait until we are reunited. I’ve never appreciated Sophia more than now. It’s been years since I have done my own mani/pedi.


1. Remove Your Dip & Gel Polish

To remove your dip or gel nail polish is the first step to your at-home manicure. First, use this sponge buffer to file down the polish. It also helps to use a nail file since the more filed down the polish is, the easier it is to remove. Once you have filed down the nails, add this cuticle oil or this cuticle oil to prevent drying out your nails during the next step. Next, liberally soak the cotton side of these aluminum foil wraps with this acetone. Place one on each nail (cotton side on the nail) and wrap it around the finger. Leave these wraps on so that they can soak for about 15-20 minutes. Once the time is complete, use this nail stick to take off as much of the polish as possible. It helps to scrape downward from the cuticle bed towards the tip of the nail. Next, repeat the acetone soak and nail stick process. Then, use the sponge buffer to really get the last bits of the polish off. Lastly, use the cuticle oil to get all of that re-moisturize your nails again. Voila! Now you’re ready for the next phase of your at-home manicure. Scroll down to watch my video tutorial of this process.


2. Applying the Polish

Now that your nails are polish free, it’s time to shape the nail. I use this manicure kit to form and shape the nail the way that I like it. It can be tricky to find nail polish that will give you the same quality as nail salon gel polish, but I found that this OPI Infinite Shine set does the trick. First, use the Infinite Shine 1 ProStay Primer. This ensures that your polish will last for weeks. Next is the fun part of your at-home manicure. It is time to decide your color. OPI Infinite Shine 2 offers a wide variety of colors to choose from. I personally prefer neutrals, but there are lots of amazing color options as well. I typically apply two coats of polish during this step. TIP: Make sure to wait 5-10 minutes before applying the second coat to ensure the first layer is totally dry. Lastly, apply OPI Infinite Shine 3 ProStay Gloss to give your manicure the finishing touch. If I want a matte finish to my manicure, then I use this matte top coat.


See? That wasn’t so hard! I am definitely looking forward to seeing a professional again, but now I know that an at-home manicure is totally doable. Can’t wait to see how yours turn out! What is your go-to polish color?

xoxo – Tanya



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