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tanya foster ketoned bodies meal

ketoned bodies meal box

ketoned bodies meal

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ketoned bodies meal box

Many of you know that I have been living a Keto lifestyle for over a year. It makes me feel great and helps to maintain a healthy weight. A question I often get is how to easily stick to Keto? Diets can be exciting and easy as you begin to feel better and lose weight, but overtime they can be draining. This is why you have to make it a lifestyle choice versus a diet. Diets feel restricting and limiting, but a change in lifestyle is long lasting and sustaining. Let’s talk about how Ketoned Bodies has helped me. There’s even a special discount in case you want to try it.

One thing that helps? A meal delivery service! With my busy lifestyle, meal services are a game changer since I do not always have time to meal prep. It takes out the decision making and therefore makes it so easy to stick to my Keto lifestyle. Ketoned Bodies has been a huge help to easily make healthy decisions. Bonus! Today I have a special discount code so you can try it too!


How to Easily Stick to Keto

My recent favorite meal delivery service is Ketoned Bodies. Lead by Bryan Charles, they are the first and only regenerative agricultural Keto meal prep company. This is a form of farming that helps to regenerate dissipated land by becoming more self-sustaining. It uses less fertilizers and shipping of feeds and focuses more on natural life cycles. This in turn makes their agricultural methods better for the environment as well as better for your health. None of their ingredients have unnecessary hormones or additives. You can definitely taste the difference!

So why meal delivery? Let me tell you, this is how to easily stick to Keto. A Keto diet helps tremendously with overall health and wellness. It can be very overwhelming to stick to a Keto diet and find tasty Keto recipes. This is why Ketoned Bodies is so great. They deliver fresh, healthy and delicious ketogenic meals right to your door. No fuss, planning or prepping. Plus, you know that they only offer the best ingredients. It feels like you’re getting meals from a personal chef without the personal chef price tag.

Ordering these meals is quick and easy. Simply order the meals you want on their online menu, purchase, and they will be on your doorstep within a matter of days. The meals come in a refrigerated delivery box. All you have to do is un-package, heat up in the microwave based on the instructions and enjoy!  What I love abput them is that they go directly to your freezer. This is particularly helpful when we travel. I know I will come home to a Keto prepared meal that I can quickly pop into the microwave or oven. There is no better way to easily stick to Keto. Also, all the packaging is recyclable.

Right now, receive a 10 Meal Box for 10% off with code TANYA10, a 15 Meal Box for $30 off with code TANYA15, or a 21 Meal Box for $70 off with code TANYA20. All purchases offer FREE shipping. They also have flexible delivery plans and you can try a one-time shipment or set up weekly meal delivery. Start your order HERE. Enjoy!

It’s beyond organic!  xoxo – Tanya

P.S. I am wearing this dress in today’s post.

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how to easily stick to keto using ketoned bodies discount code

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