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Happy Monday folks! I’m just back from our fabulous trip to Harbor Island and trying to get into my work groove. That’s the hardest part of returning from a vacation – the reentry process. I’m currently working on a full recap of the trip so stay tuned for lots of ocean, pool and sand. In the meantime, let’s talk about how to expand your wardrobe with a few key pieces.

It is always fun to start a new year with a fresh new look. Whether that be a healthier lifestyle or altering some of your priorities, it is always great when your style can reflect that lifestyle change. To create a whole new wardrobe is expensive and daunting! I am going to show you how a few pieces and three pair of shoes can create endless possibilities for looks.

To better explain how I decided to maximize my looks, I did this video. Sometimes, its easier to explain it in video than pictures and words. Either way, let me know what you think. I’ve worked with this brand many times before and find that they have wonderful selections for projects like this.


Tanya Foster standing on a sidewalk in red blouse and winter white jeans

Tanya Foster standing on a sidewalk in jacket, red blouse and white jeans

clothes on the floor to demonstrate how to put them together

This look is great for a day in the office or a lunch with friends. I have paired this red blouse with these winter white jeans to start. Next, I added a beautiful nude pump. This look could also be great with these mules. Depending on the weather and the event, I can put on this blazer. If you want to add a little fun, you can put this scarf on with these outfits and still look chic. That is eight looks right there… so easy!


Tanya Foster standing on a sidewalk in animal print sweater, black tee and skinny jeans

Tanya Foster standing on a sidewalk in skinny jeans and animal print cardigan

flat lay clothes on the floor with animal print cardigan and skinny jeans

These looks are so fun for when you have a coffee date or out running errands. Above I am wearing these skinny jeans, this black shirt and this leopard sweater. You can wear this look with these Adidas tennis shoes (size down a full size) or these booties, depending on the event and your mood. Another great option is wearing this blazer instead of the sweater. You can also wear these winter white pants instead of the jeans. If I’m doing the math correctly, that means you have twelve outfit options from two pants, two jackets, two shoes and one shirt. You could even wear these nude heels with any of these options, but I’m not about to do the math on that…


Tanya Foster standing on a sidewalk i booties, skinny jeans and black tee

clothes flat lay featuring red blouse, booties and animal print scarf

These are some great casual looks. I love these skinny, dark wash jeans paired with either this red blouse or this black shirt. I paired both of these looks with this fun scarf and these neutral booties. If you need a layer, you can wear either of these looks with this blazer. I also love either of these looks with these nude heels or these winter white jeans. And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to wear white jeans year round. So many options for mixing and matching!


Watch the video below to see even more options and why I love each of these products. Now, I challenge you to add a few new pieces to what you already have and make brand new looks.

xoxo – Tanya

Photo and video: Audrie Dollins

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