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SiO Beauty Cryo System

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I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Can you believe that Christmas was a month ago? It seems like time is flying. With all that being said, I know that January is a time when we all try to re-prioritize our health and fitness. Those things definitely take time to see results though. While trying to remain patient to see other results, I have found a beauty secret that is INSTANT. I personally love to look more youthful, don’t you? This product will instantly make you look more youthful. The stats say that 100% of users see an overall improvement after using this product. Did you read that? 100%!! So what’s the magic product? It’s the one and only SiO Cryo System.

This system comes with two different products. The first product is the SiO Energy Serum which is a rapid moisture drop serum. The serum improves serum absorption, elasticity, and tone. It combines hyaluronic acid, peptides, green tea, camellia japonica flower and amino acids to help reduce water loss and improve hydration, skin bounce and suppleness. To use the serum, just apply a pea-sized amount to clean skin once in the morning and once at night. This will give you lasting anti-aging benefits. To the get most out of the SiO Energy Serum, you will want to use the SiO Cryodrop.

The second product to help you instantly look more youthful is the SiO Cryodrop. This gives you a cold-controlled magnetic facelift. After you apply the SiO Energy Serum, you lightly move the cryodrop across your face in even, gentle strokes for about one minute. It feels like a facial massage! The SiO Cryodrop combined with the SiO Energy Serum is used to improve serum absorption, elasticity, and tone. Only a few minutes until you can look more youthful. TIP: Keep your CryoDrop in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect.

If you would like to see the products in use, I created an IGTV video and you can view it here.

xoxo – Tanya

photo: Audrie Dollins

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Tanya Foster holding product





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