Lounge wear round up on TanyaFoster.com

Lounge wear round up on TanyaFoster.com

Lounge wear round up on TanyaFoster.com

Lounge wear round up on TanyaFoster.com

Lounge wear round up on TanyaFoster.com

Lounge wear round up on TanyaFoster.com

Can you believe Thanksgiving is Thursday? We’re so excited to welcome family over for the big day. I’ve been working on my Black Friday and Cyber Monday prep and wanted to go over some key shopping tips today. I’m also showing you this super comfy lounge outfit because guess how I like to shop? In lounge wear!

OK, we need to discuss how things will play out this week. For bloggers, this week is THE WEEK! Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all online sales make up a HUGE portion of our business. And blogging is a business. There will be an entire week of sales because I’m telling you each year the sales start earlier and earlier. So basically, its Cyber Week! I’m working just as fast as my little fingers can type to get all the best deals so that my TanyaFoster.com readers will be in the know!

Here’s the best strategy for conquering this cyber week like a pro. I plan to get my blog post up super early on Friday so be sure to look for it. And then I will continue to update my selections with information as I find it.

  1. Make sure you are subscribed to the blog and follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes I get extra information out on social media because that is the quickest way to post it. Sort of like my own blue light special.
  2. All discount codes and details will always be included!
  3. Also, make a list of what you need and who you are still shopping for. This will help you once I start listing all the good deals.
  4. SHOP from home wearing lounge wear, no make up and put your hair up. It’s the best way to shop!

I’m all about great lounge wear. The exact set I have on was recently featured on Instagram and you can find it on this site. I’m rounding up all my favorites below. Also, the HOLIDAY LOOKS guide launched yesterday. I have included it below in case you missed Sunday’s blog post. Everyone needs a little something for the upcoming holiday parties.

Hope y’all have a great week full of family and food prep. xoxo – Tanya

P.S. Congratulations to Christy Reynolds! She is the winner of the 12 Miracles of Christmas box via random drawing.

Photo: Mary Hafner




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