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Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions on social media about my outfit and makeup details, so I thought I’d give you guys some insight about how to shop my posts. This should answer all of your questions about where to find and SHOP everything on my social media and blog. Grab an extra cup of coffee because this is kind of detailed… and rewardStyle

You have surely heard me mention rewardStyle! I just attended #rStheCon, their annual conference that I recapped in this blog post. rewardStyle is an invitation-only network of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty bloggers. They own the (“LTK”) platform that makes shopping social media images very simple. rewardStyle is the middle-man between bloggers and retailers that has totally changed the way people shop. It enables me to LINK everything I am talking about with ease. App

Do you use the app? It is the easiest way to shop my Instagram posts. I also post EXCLUSIVE content in the LTK app daily that you won’t see anywhere else. LTK is a tool that allows you to directly shop products featured in an image. So when I post an Instagram, I have already linked the outfit details and published it in the LTK app. You’ll notice that shoppable posts either have the LTK heart icon in the bottom right corner, a LTK hashtag, or an LTK link in the caption. These all show you that the image is shoppable in the LTK app. It is the best way for those that want to shop from the convenience of an app on their phone! Here’s how to use it in 3 simple steps…

1. Download: First download the free LTK app. It should ask you to create an account so you can save your favorite looks and link your Instagram account to it.

Download the app


2. Search and Follow: Click the search icon in the bottom righthand corner of the app. Select “Influencer Search” on the top right tab and search for my profile “tanyafosterblog.” Click follow when my name pops up!

Search for tanyafosterblog on the LTK app


Follow TanyaFosterBlog on the LTK app



3. Shop: Click on my profile and my LTK feed will show up for you to shop! Click any image and it will detail all product info below. Select any product you want and then click “Shop.” This will take you directly to the item’s website! You can also save products to shop later by adding them to your LTK Wishlist.

Following tanyafosterblog on the LTK app


Shop the pic in the LTK app

_____ Website

If you prefer to shop from your computer like I do, you can actually still use LTK by going to their website. It’s a little different because you cannot save items to your wishlist or search for specific products/bloggers like you can in the app. To shop my LTK feed on their website just click here. It’s so easy!

Shop on your computer


If you are on Instagram and want to get info for something I am wearing in a post, you can shop my look instantly! You must have the LTK app to do this. So if I have an LTK link like in my caption, all you have to do is screenshot my Instagram post. Within seconds, a notification will pop up on your phone that says “Your screenshot is ready to shop.” Simply click on the notification and it will take you directly to the products in the LTK app! You will also get an email with the product details, so you can shop it from your computer if you prefer.

Shop your Instagram - tanyafosterblog


My Blog –

“The Mother Ship” as I like to call it. This is where it all began and continues to be my focus. The blog provides so much more information than any Instagram post ever could! There’s also many more options featured on the blog than anywhere else. Here are the ways you can shop my blog:

1. Words: If a word is bolded, it is linked to the product/website I am talking about. Click on any bolded word and it will take you to the designated link.

2. Pictures: Every picture is linked to the main product I am featuring in my post. Just click on the image and it will direct you to that product. Did you know that I link all pictures?

3. Widget (see below): I input a “widget” after the first paragraph of every post. These small pictures of items allow you to scroll through the products featured in the post. You can then scroll down to the bottom of the post and there will be a vast selection of more options that I curated for the topic.

4. Shop” tab: At the top of my blog, there is a Shop” tab where I have linked my Instagram feed as well as my feed. So if you prefer a computer, you can shop everything here on the blog!

Whew, hopefully I haven’t completely overwhelmed you. I hope this helps make your shopping experience easier and more fun. Do you have any questions about or how to show with me? I really do try to make this a simple as possible.  

GIVEAWAY:  I am giving away a $100 Nordstrom Gift Card to one lucky winner. All you have to do is FOLLOW me on the app. Click here to download the app, FOLLOW tanyafosterblog and then come back here to the blog post and leave a comment below answering the following question. HOW DO YOU SHOP WITH ME? You must enter by Friday, April 26 at 11:59 PM to be eligible. Winner announced next week on the blog. Good Luck!

xoxo – Tanya

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