There is a huge book scandal going on in my neck of the woods. Seven books have been pulled from the English reading list in our school district. You can get all of the details here but most likely you have seen it on the news because HPISD seems to be making the national headlines with this one. I no longer have a dog in the hunt because we are empty nesters. And I say this to you as someone who volunteered, lead, chaired, served as PTA President, raised money and served on too many committees to count. All to say that I love our town and school district. And I can tell you that we never had any problems or issues with any of the books our children had to read. That’s because we trust our teachers and their curriculum to provide a well-rounded education.  The drama of it all (I am not exaggerating) reminds me of one of my favorite plays – Greater Tuna. Pete and I have seen this play and the others – A Christmas Tuna and Red, White and Tuna numerous times.

So today, I leave you with Vera Carp and her Smut Snatchers meeting.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Don’t forget to live, laugh and enjoy!  xoxo- Tanya



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