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Radiesse injection for neck

Radiesse injection from Dr. Lynley McAnalley

Highland Park Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Lynley McAnalley injecting Radiesse

Alrighty! So many of you all watched this process on my Instagram Stories and I told you I would follow up with a blog post. You have often heard me say that I know a neck lift surgery is in my future. While I hope to stave off plastic surgery for a bit, I like to explore all of my options for reducing the appearance of those pesky neck lines and today I am sharing my experience with Radiesse and Dr. Lynley McAnalley.

While I do and will continue to use over the counter beauty products like Revision Nectifirm and Prai Ageless Throat & Neck Products to smooth the neck lines known as ‘tech neck’, I am thrilled that Dr. Lynley McAnalley suggested I try Radiesse filler in this area. Although aesthetic fillers are not permanent, I will get a solid year of improvement from this procedure. How does it work? I’ve included a short video to show you the two appointments I had at Highland Park Aesthetic Medicine. WARNING: If you have an aversion to needles, you might want to look away. CLICK HERE to watch.

How does it work? A tiny introducer is employed to make an entry point in the surface of the skin at the side of the neck. Instead of a needle, a small canula (similar to a needle, but no sharp tip) is easily slid over the introducer just under the surface of the skin. A canula provides safety and comfort. From this one entry point, the expanse of the neck can be reached by the thin canula. The Radiesse is then delivered evenly throughout the area to provide smoothing to the crepey skin. Over time, the Radiesse stimulates natural collagen to provide thickening and tightening of the skin overlying the neck area. This results in smoother, tighter skin thus diminishing horizontal neck lines and crepey skin. As always, ice and anesthetic ointment are used to provide comfort. The procedure offers little, if any, discomfort. Bleeding and bruising are rare. After the procedure, the patient can immediately get on with their day.
Dr. McAnalley is a perfectionist with this procedure as she is with all aesthetic procedures she offers. I had no bruising or issues at all. My neck felt a bit sore like I had done some sort of neck workout. That’s it. No downtime at all. What’s amazing is that you see immediate results that will only continue to get better. Check out the before and after picture below. I will continue to see improvement as the Radiesse stimulates my own collagen. I had two injection appointments that were two weeks apart.

I’m already loving the results and highly recommend the Radiesse procedure. Call Highland Park Aesthetic Medicine to make your appointment – 214.692.8844. Be sure to check out all of the aesthetic procedures she does on her site and tell her I sent you.

xoxo – Tanya

P.S. If you are interested in other procedures I have had done with Dr. Lynley McAnalley, check out the blog posts on Sculptra, Instalift and the PRP Facelift.



Before | After 

Before and After Radiesse front view


Before and After Radiesse side view


Radiesse injection for neck

Thank you to Highland Park Aesthetic Medicine for gifting the procedure. All opinions are my own.

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