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Happy Monday! Guess what? TODAY is Amazon Prime Day! Starting at 3 PM (EST) on Monday, it will only last for 36 hours. What is it? Pretty much the “Black Friday” in July. Amazon puts our amazing deals during the duration of the event. Millions of items will be heavily discounted. Don’t have a Prime account? No worries, you can get a 30 day FREE trial here. Let’s go!

I thought I would take today to show you what I normally order via Amazon Prime. I’ve had this discussion with so many of my friends and we all agree, Amazon Prime has completely changed the dynamic of online shopping, actually shopping in general. Why waste your time running to the store when you can order it online with Amazon Prime and have it delivered directly to your doorstep within 2 days. Game changer!

I’ve also decided to include 5 NEW things I find on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale each day at the bottom of the blog post. There is so much good stuff on the sale that I don’t want to wait to share it. Things sell out quickly so I think this is the best way to show you what I’m finding daily. Don’t forget – the #NSale opens to the public on Friday!

Set your alarm – Amazon Prime Day starts today at 3 PM (EST)!  xoxo – Tanya

what I oder on amazon prime

1. All of my OLLY vitamins

Find out which OLLY nutrition products really work on TanyaFoster.com


2. Various protein bars and healthy snacks

OLLY Protein Bars


3. Books and digital video

I just purchased the entire series of Outlander books because I want to get caught up before series 4 airs this fall. We also download lots of TV shows to binge watch on Amazon Prime. Anyone else obsessed?

4. Everything I used in the this blog post about How to Protect Your Christina Louboutin Shoes

How to wear and protect your Christian Louboutin shoes.



5. Fashion and accessories can be ordered through Amazon Fashion

Chico's jewelry from Amazon Prime Day


new finds on the nordstrom anniversary sale

Check out this blog post  to enter to WIN a $500 gift card to Nordstrom!

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