Put on your positive pants

I just experienced my first hater on social media. Not gonna lie, it took me back a bit. But I decided to resolve it in a professional manner and move on. I mean after all, this is just a blog. Right? Max and I discussed it and he reminded me to stay positive, walk him and Sparky daily and reward them with a treat. If you ever have a problem, just look into your dogs eyes…

Do you want to know how I resolved the matter? I reached out and messaged the person directly and asked them why they were leaving negative comments. After a short, pleasant exchange she apologized. Hey I get it, my life on social media looks shiny and bright. Believe me, I have my down days and often wonder if I should keep up this blogging thing. You just don’t see the everyday Tanya. Believe me, it’s not sexy (it involves wearing lots of Spanx). So let’s all give each other a break and be kind!

Now, on with the regular program. Today, I am sharing a few items that I am trying and I am also having some of my blog VIP readers try. While the jury is out, I’m going to go ahead and share them with you. Below the pictures you will find direct links to the items. Also, you can always directly shop what I am posting on my Instagram account by clicking this SHOP MY INSTAGRAM tab that is at the top of this blog. Just click on any picture and the links to each item will appear.

Thank you to everyone who entered the CrateChef gourmet box giveaway. SARAH ADAMS is the lucky winner!

How about that cold weather? Time to bundle up! Have a warm and fuzzy weekend! xoxo- Tanya

P.S. The picture of Max was snapped by Pete. We have no idea what he got in to. Typical!  #LifewithMax

Max, Tanya Foster's norfolk terrier.

shop the post and instagram round-up

 Dress from Neiman Marcus and shoes from YSL on TanyaFoster.com

Wore this dress (on major SALE) and shoes to a party on Wednesday night. Did you see it on Snapchat? Clutch bag is Charlotte Max. Perfect combo for upcoming holiday parties!

OLLY vitimins

I’m currently trying these OLLY gummi vitamins. They are yummy!

Tanya's Instagram round up

I’m obsessed with these wedge booties that come in three colors and are currently 40% OFF!  And always use this product to protect your suede before you wear it!

Tanya's Instagram round up

Have your tried the Rodial beauty brand?

Tanya's Instagram round up

On weekends, you will usually find me in these kicks and jeans.

Strivectin hair products

StriVectin Hair sent me these products to try. I have a blog reader trying them too. Stay tuned…

YSL red velvet heels on TanyaFoster.com

Need I say more? So sexy! And they come in black velvet as well.  I’m going to wear them with jeans too!

Tanya's Instagram round up

This luggage is so lightweight. I love the carry-on tote because it is the perfect size. Roller bag has 4 wheels and they come in several colors.

Tanya's Instagram round up

Have you heard of VenEffect? It’s an awesome anti-aging lip plumper that helps with the lines around your mouth.





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