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Every once and a while I will seek out a product and ask to try it.  I kept noticing Live Love Pop at Number One when I was having coffee meetings. I contacted the company through their website and within a few hours this stash of the popcorn was on my front porch.  I tell you what, that Lauren Brundage knows a thing or two about fresh popcorn. Thanks to her generosity, my whole family got to try it out.  Here is what is interesting, my 18-year-old son and his friends could not put it down.  There are three flavors – Lime Fresco, Sea Salt and Truffle Salt and each flavor comes in two sizes (as pictured).

Here’s the kicker – it’s on 30 calories per one cup serving. Light and delicious! But be careful, once you open the resealable package, its hard to put it down. Order it on-line here or check their website to see where to find it. It retails for $3.99 (small – 2.5 oz) and $5.99 (large – 4.4 oz). What’s my favorite flavor? SEA SALT!

xoxo- Tanya


 Live Love Pop, LLC
4385 Sunbelt Drive
Addison, TX 75001
(214) 697-6370


Live. Love. Pop.  Three simple words that pack a powerful punch, or better stated, a powerful POP!There’s a new popcorn in town folks, and its fantastic flavor and wholesome goodness will knock your socks off… just stay barefoot.  Live Love Pop is so good you’ll have a hard time not consuming the entire bag in one sitting. But guess what?! That’s A-OK if you do because LLP is a true “non-guilty” pleasure!!!Tired of tasteless snacking, and wanting more flavor, the Live Love Pop CEO turned on her stove and got to poppin’.  She had one motto and one mission: “Pop delicious, Pop healthy, Pop the best”… and with that simple declaration, greatness was born.

The brains behind the brand is Dallas’s own Lauren Brundage.  She is proof that great things come in small packages.  This 5’3″ powerhouse was brought up cooking in the kitchen with her mama and perfecting popcorn was her bag.  As she became older she started popping for friends and it soon became clear she needed to get this yummy creation out to the masses.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy snacking?  How many people are bored with tasteless, healthy snacks that are lacking flavor and flare?  Too many!  So with a pan in her hand Lauren got to popping for all… and we are so very glad she did.  This popcorn is truly scrumptious!  Here is the simple truth: stove popped popcorn by hand, made in small batches, and hand-tossed with seasoning.  LLP is a true homemade treat that is remarkably good and healthy as it’s sans sugar, low fat, low in calories and has no preservatives.  Get ready world… no more boredom with snacking… and it’s as easy as opening a bag… a bag of blissful snacking that satisfies. Live Love Pop is nature’s candy!The popcorn’s healthy snack benefits include: low calorie, heart smart, gluten free, and it’s chock full of healthy nutrients.  Simple, clean, and ridiculously good… ’nuff said.Pure and easy, Live Love Pop is keepin’ it real… REALLY GOOD, THAT IS!  There is so “munch” love and flavor in every bag (which are adorable, by the way), you’ll be a believer and a lover… pinky promise!  Popcorn obsession abounds.




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