Here is a question that comes up over and over again in Dallas.  What to wear to a charity luncheon.  Especially for those of us in the 40+ age range.  Let’s face it.  There are plenty of cute things to wear for the 20 and 30 something-year-old do-gooders in Big D.  Just look at most of the blogs – they are filled with young, beautiful 20-year-old girls who are wearing the latest fashions while casually walking down the sidewalk.

But my age range?  That’s a different story.  Show your arms or don’t show your arms? Don’t wear anything too tight for fear of showing the industrial size spanx that is holding it all in.  And you can’t be seen in the same thing over and over again.  No matter how fabulous the designer or the dress.

Here’s a recent dress purchase and combo.  Remember, I’m a work in progress, especially where this blog is concerned.

xoxo- Tanya

Vince Camuto dress

  Vince Comuto dress, Neiman Marcus animal print bag, Schutz black boots, Tory Burch shades, Stephanie Kantis bracelet.  If product is no longer available, I have linked you to something similar.

Schutz boots

Neiman Marcus animal print bag

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