Closet remodel with The Container Store and Elfa

Today I am partnering with The Container Store to show you how I transformed Taylor and Jeff’s closet in their new home. Check out how we took one large open space and built it out with Elfa shelving and drawers to make it a functional space. Good News: The SHELVING SALE is currently going on at The Container Store and you can get 25% OFF!

So many of you have been following the WEDDING journey and reading all the blog posts. The newlyweds are doing great and have settled into their new home. They both work in corporate jobs and really don’t have time to focus on home decor or projects right now. So I stepped in to help the millennials by offering to redesign their master closet. Although it was perfectly fine in size, it really did not offer the storage space or drawers they needed to organize their combined wardrobes.

I have worked with The Container Store before and am a huge fan of the store and everything they offer. You might remember this blog post about how we organized our pantry. So I knew that TCS would be the perfect partner for this project.

We began by visiting the store and worked with a closet expert. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this process is. They gather information on how you organize yourself. For example, do you fold your sweaters or hang them? Do you hang your jeans or stack them neatly on a shelf? All this plays into how your custom designed closet will turn out on the CAD drawing they put together on the computer. It’s a very interactive process. Next, Taylor and Jeff gave their personal Elfa style choices. You can select colors, knobs, shelving units, drawer fronts, etc. The possibilities are endless but in the end, it needs to be exactly what you. They wanted the entire closet to be white with the layout being symmetrical offering a true his and hers section.

Our closet expert added a pull out tie rack, belt hanger, valet rod and many personal touches such as his and hers mirrors to their closet. Once the design was finalized, we singed off on the closet and the installation was scheduled. Get this – The Container Store will demo and install your custom designed Elfa closet in ONE DAY! I kid you not. I was there for the entire process and took pictures from beginning to end. The only thing you have to do is empty everything out of the closet space before they arrive. NOTE: You can actually do the installation yourself if you have that skill set. We opted for the professional installation and its very reasonably priced.

Our installer was AMAZING (as I am certain all of them are) and kept me informed about the process the entire time. Once he was done, I surprised Taylor and Jeff by organizing their clothes back into their new closet. Now the master closet was functional with a his and hers side. Their clothes got organized into bays, giving them a clear view of exactly what they had. Both sides had drawers installed allowing them to neatly fold clothing items and put them away. You might notice that before, they had their old drawers/cabinets in the closet as they didn’t have anywhere else to put folded items.

An added bonus is that the Elfa system can be updated easily by changing out components. As they live here, they can update their closet with more drawers or double hanging spaces should they need them. It really is the best way to customize your closet.

The pictures below detail the before, installation and after of the closet project. You can clearly see how we created bays which almost give it a retail store feel. You can quickly find what you need and everything they own is easily visible.

They are very happy with the final result. But instead of having me tell you that, here is what Taylor and Jeff had to say. “Our ELFA closet has surpassed every expectation we had of the closet remodel! Our new home had a great master closet space, but it wasn’t being utilized well. We love that now there is a space for everything. I love the pant rack because it condenses all my pants into a smaller space, but they still look neat. Jeff really loves the belt hooks, which our ELFA designer thoughtfully added to the end of one of the sections of our closet, and the pull-out tie rack. Overall, the closet is and flexible to change, which we will implement if necessary. The Container Store exceeded all of our goals!”

The Container Store SHELVING SALE is currently offering 25% OFF which is a great time for you to consider an organization project. Additionally, they are offering 25% OFF installation!   xoxo – Tanya

Taylor and Jeff’s Master Closet 


Transform your closet with ELFA at The Container Store

Master closet remodel using Elfa and The Container Store

The master closet BEFORE offered no drawer storage space.

The Installation

Transform your closet with ELFA at The Container Store

Transform your closet with ELFA at The Container Store

The installation start to finish only took one day!


Transform your closet with ELFA at The Container Store

Transform your closet with ELFA at The Container Store

Transform your closet with ELFA at The Container Store

Transform your closet with ELFA at The Container Store

Transform your closet with ELFA at The Container Store

Transform your closet with ELFA at The Container Store

Transform your closet with ELFA at The Container Store

Thank you to The Container Store for collaborating on this project. All selections and opinions are my own.

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