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Hello WEDNESDAY. Is it me or does this feel like the longest week ever? I know most of us are trying to get back on track after indulging over the holidays as well as other New Year’s goals that we’ve set. By the way, I don’t set resolutions. I just try to do better. Be better. This weeks Mid-Week Musings is the New Year edition, whatever that might be for you. Let’s look at products that will help us get back on track as well as help us feel motivated! We can make 2021 the best year yet… well, tread lightly.


mid-week musings | New Year’s edition

Walking is the best way to stay fit. Stay motivated by tracking your activity with this FitBit watch.

Another easy fitness tip is to add these Bala Bangles 2 Lb. weights to your exercise routine and you’ll see results fast.

Keeping the kitchen clean is always a goal, but this bamboo scrub will help.

With winter in full force, we all need this healing balm to hydrate and restore skin.

Let’s protect our eyes this year with these blue ray glasses.

Flawless skin is possible in the new year with this rose quartz roller.

Let’s all agree to make our masks more chic this year. Dress it up with this chic gold mask chain or this pearl mask chain.

Get brighter eyes with these 24K gold hydrogel eye patches. So soothing!

You can’t have a New Year’s edition without ways to eat healthier. Eat to Evolve helps reach your health goals so easily. Get more info and a 20% off special offer HERE.

I definitely want better sleep in the new year. This Moon Beam Sleep Aid is a device that helps aid sleep with a special light pattern.

I think it would be fun to try some new hobbies this year. Some ideas I have had include this clay craft box, or this Lettering and Modern Calligraphy book.

What about learning a new language this year?? This Rosetta Stone program helps you learn 24 languages. Pick one!


Does any of this inspire you to do better? Be Better?

xoxo – Tanya

P.S. The loungewear in the picture is from Cuyana. It’s several years old but they have great choices on their site.

Photo: Audrie Dollins

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