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Tanya Foster shows off her Christmas card from Minted

Happy Tuesday! I’m off on an exciting adventure with Pete as you read this. Can’t wait to share the fun details with you. Before we get started today, I want to send a huge shout out and congratulations to Sunny A., Debbie T., Rebekah N. and Kathy O. All four of them have Surprise Boxes headed their way! WHY? Because they leave comments on my blog…

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones during the holidays can be really exciting, rewarding and sometimes stressful! When you finally find that perfect gift, you want to present it with perfection. This is why gift wrap and gift accessories are so important. I am very particular when it comes to the wrapping paper quality and design that I use. This is why I love Minted! Minted is the only place that I can always find the perfect wrapping paper, ribbon and gift tags. Oh and they do Holiday Cards too of course!

Minted has SO many incredible, high-quality options. Each of their designs is hand-crafted by an independent artist, so you know it is created with care. If you still cannot find exactly what you’re looking for, they have custom print options. The “merry, merry” gift wrap pictured above was my own custom design! It is a great option when you know exactly what you want to say. Minted also sells gift stickers, gift wrap, gift tags, ribbon, and even custom Christmas cards that I wrote about here.

There are some tips and tricks that I have learned to wrapping gifts over the years. For starters, attaching ornaments or other trinkets and charms to your bows really adds some unique flare to your gifts. Another bow tip is if you have accessories that go with the wrapped gift, you can add those to the decorations. For example, pictured above you will see that I have cooking utensils as part of the bow on a gift. The gift is a set of cutting boards, so it is like a sneak peek as to what they will open. I love that it creates a cohesive theme for the whole package.

But my favorite gift wrapping hack is to label gifts with sticky notes (pictured above). Sometimes we have gifts, but we don’t know who they are for quite yet. Oftentimes, people will stop by unexpected with holiday gifts in tow so you always want to be prepared! Placing a sticky note of the item wrapped allows you to wrap the gift without forgetting what is inside. You will never be left gift empty-handed again!

I’ve sent a Christmas card every year and this year is no different. It’s a fantastic way to stay in touch with family and friends. Minted makes it so easy and they even address your envelopes too! This is the first thing I get checked off my holiday ‘to do’ list. There’s something about getting my Christmas cards done that makes me feel like a huge holiday task is checked off my list. Here is the design I chose this year. 

What gift wrapping tips and tricks do you have? Have you ordered your Christmas cards? Mine just dropped in the mail. 🙂

xoxo – Tanya

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