Mixing a bright green pencil skirt with a plaid shirt from J. Crew on TanyaFoster.com

Mixing a bright green pencil skirt with a plaid shirt from J. Crew on TanyaFoster.com

Mixing a bright green pencil skirt with a plaid shirt from J. Crew on TanyaFoster.com

Mixing a bright green pencil skirt with a plaid shirt from J. Crew on TanyaFoster.com

Mixing a bright green pencil skirt with a plaid shirt from J. Crew on TanyaFoster.com

Mixing a bright green pencil skirt with a plaid shirt from J. Crew on TanyaFoster.com

J. Crew green skirt (on SALE; comes in 3 colors; I’m in love with this skirt too) / J. Crew plaid shirt (on SALE; this one is good too) / Coach sunglasses / Phillip Lim bag / Nest Jewelry necklace (matching bracelet here)  / Nude pumps (similar) / Lips: Tom Ford in Spanish Pink

OK, keeping it real today. There are some days I simply cannot get it together. The day we shot this look was one of those days. I thought about not posting these pictures and just deleting them but decided to post it to let you know how real thing are around here. Plus I have a fantastic giveaway #3 for you!

Let’s start with what happened on this day. My photographer and I schedule my shoots for every other week at 9:30 AM on a designated day. This particular day it was 25 degrees outside. We delayed it until noon for both of our sake. I was running behind because I was helping my parents with some things and thankfully Mary could adjust her schedule to fit me in at 2:45 PM. By then it was a tropical 37 degrees. Due to the events of the day, I never got a blow out at The DryBar (part of my shoot day routine), ran home to quickly get ready and slap on some makeup in 10 minutes, forgot to steam out the wrinkles in my shirt and just started crying in my closet. How silly is that? I just couldn’t get it together. Let’s not forget that my skirt is bulging because of those extra holiday pounds that found their way to my hips – ARG! These pictures are the result of that day. You know what – s&%@ happens! People have far bigger problems than me so if this is the worst of a bloggers bad day, big deal. Extra shout out to Mary Summers for helping me through this day and being so patient.

Any who… I do love this lace green skirt and plaid shirt that I put together from J. Crew. They are both on SALE but might be sold out. Check their site often because J. Crew restocks a lot. This Phillip Lim navy bag is one of my favorites because it is the perfect size and holds everything. And its a nice change-up from my black bags. I always think that investing in good handbags is worth the price.

There are lots of “best of fashion” posts for 2016. I am linking you to the category tab so that you can go through them at your own pace. Be sure to review because a lot of it is now on SALE!

How are you liking the daily reader spotlights and giveaways? Thank you for participating! xoxo – Tanya

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Photo: Mary Summers 

Subscriber Spotlight

Matt Wilkerson: “Several years ago – I decided to re-evaluate my life and how I was living it.  I left a 20 year career in luxury home furnishings and accessories and began a life in consulting and helping other people with the blue print of their own life – “Selling Residential Real estate”.  During this time I had the opportunity to help Film-makers Jenna Jackson Gilbert and Whitney Walker Graham with Tomato Republic, a film they made at Jenna’s company P+R Productions.  I entered it into DIFF the Dallas International Film Festival and through a network of Dallas friends was introduced to Tanya!  The film made it into the festival and Tanya became our DIFF host.  She was incredible.  I never knew anyone who could simultaneously take a photo, and within 2 minutes Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, Hashtag it, like something else and make a comment on the last pic you posted!!  She was amazing! 

I took note and started following her blog!  I quickly learned that Tanya gave me information on a daily basis that my own clients found relevant and interesting.  Tanya inspired me to raise the bar for everything I was doing in my new life.  She has shown us how to be healthier, look better, eat at great restaurants etc.  I love that when my friends make a movie that gets to Sundance I know EXACTLY how to dress!  I love that when I head to Costa Rica I know EXACTLY where I want to stay.   I have learned that Tanya is like all of us – She has her own struggles, goals, triumphs and she shares them with us daily!  Everyday when I read I think well if Tanya can do today better than yesterday so can I! 

I also like that Tanya reminds us that we have to stop and enjoy everything we are working so hard for! I have also learned that my clients in real estate some who are nesting for the first time others who have nested and are finding smaller nests to call home – they are all creating the blue-prints for their own lives and they love when I share Tanya’s blog. So I have decided that this blog is a road map on how to live to the fullest – whatever that looks like for you.”

Jenna Jackson Gilbert: “I never miss a day of Tanya’s blog — she is a daily inspiration to me and helps me keep up with the things I sometimes run out of time to track but desperately need! I have purchased several outfits she’s recommended. She helps keep me fashionable even when there’s no time in the day to shop. And the way she puts things together inspires me to shop in my own closet and pair it with some new fabulous pair of shoes or accessory she recommends. 

Tanya always has a fresh take on fashion, events or upcoming films — since I’m in the film world, it’s an added bonus to know the latest films and Tanya’s advice on what to see! I also just love her energy and dedication to being the best at everything she does. She re-invents herself with grace and style — she inspires me to be a better mom, wife, friend and all around fabulous woman.”

As they said, I met Matt and Jenna through their film Tomato Republic and hosting them at the 2014 Dallas International Film Festival. The film won a special jury prize that year (they would be back in 2016 with another amazing film). They are high school friends from Jacksonville, Texas and it is because of them that Pete and I attended the Jacksonville Tomato Festival which you can read about in this blog post. Jenna and Matt are the most supportive, special friends and always share my blog posts on social media. That does not go unnoticed. THANK YOU!

Giveaway #3 | Rodial + Beauty Products

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of good skincare and beauty products. In fact, so much is sent to me that I can’t possibly use it all. Today is your lucky day. Enjoy all of the brand new products pictured. Rodial, Estee Lauder, Lorac and a Kate Spade jewelry dish. Giveaway open to all and items will be shipped via ground shipping. Total value over $500! Giveaway runs from 12/28- 1/4 at 11:59 PM. Winner will be announced next week on the blog.

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