design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

design assistant office decor

Ok y’all, I have some exciting news! As some of you know, I designed my home office two years ago with my interior decorator Amy Berry and it was a big success, so I decided to repurpose a room and made it  a new assistant office. It’s so fun, don’t you agree? I love the open space with so much natural light. It makes it the perfect space to get work done. Let’s dive into all of the details of this amazing, new assistant office space that was a former bedroom. And yes, I have a new assistant I want you to meet…

Before we dive in, I want to welcome Laura Pearson to the team. I looked long and hard for a new assistant and Laura has been with me for about a month now. I’m so excited to have her with me and am detailing a few personal tidbits about her below. Welcome Laura!

You might be wondering what this room was before I converted it. It’s P.J.’s old bedroom. We have several unused rooms now that we are empty nesters and it seems like such a waste of space. I like for my assistant to have their own space and this seems like the perfect solution! I want to thank my interior designer, Amy Berry for the space planning and helping me select a few things. So here are the details on everything in this new room.

A desk is crucial for any office space. I love this white desk to keep the room feeling open and light. Mine is actually an old desk that we had painted. I added gold accent pieces on the desk to give it a cohesive theme. Even my mug has gold writing and the notepad paper is gold-rimmed! This ties into the gold, metal-rimmed bookcase that I placed next to the desk. This bookcase is not only great for storing items, but also for displaying additional decor like this calendar. In hindsight, I wish I would have ordered two. It is also the perfect place to store my steamer, which brings me to the next area of the room…

I love the blank wall photoshoot area! This is the perfect place for us to prepare and steam clothes for photoshoots. I love how this clothing rack has a shelf to place my shoes and accessories on. You may be wondering why I left the walls blank. This is so that I can use the walls for photoshoots when the weather is bad. I just move the clothing rack aside, and it is the perfect lighting and space for a clean photoshoot look. That’s exactly what we did in the shot where I am just holding the hobo bag. The other clothing rack is for planning and transporting clothes for photoshoots. This is why the wheels on the rack are a must!

Other things I love about this new design is the accent chair in the corner for relaxing and the amazing dog bed by my favorite designer, Amy Berry.  The animal print chair is actually a custom designed chair but the one we have linked is very similar and a much better deal! Another tip is to always have a candle! The candle on the desk is the Nest Fragrance votive candle. My favorite scents are Grapefruit and the Holiday Classic Candle.

All the products in the room are listed and sourced below. Some of it I have had for a while, so I listed similar items that I think you will love.What do you think about the new assistant office?

xoxo – Tanya

P.S. We completed this room renovation project and shot it before I hired Laura. Otherwise she would have been in the pictures. :-)

photo: Audrie Dollins


5 Things To Know About Laura

Meet Laura Pearson

1. She’s a local gal and grew up in Southlake, Texas.

2. Laura attended The University of Arizona and has a degree in Mathematics and Dance. Super brilliant!

3. While she is my part-time assistant, she is also professional dancer and dances with Ballet Dallas.

4. Her favorite hobbies include reading, watching movies and playing games with friends and family.

5. I love a girl with a good vice or two. She loves popcorn and ice cream!


Source Links

Desk: Mine, but you will love this one from Crate and Barrel

Desk chair: Montopolis Task Chair

Bookcase: Damon Etagere Bookcase

Wicker bins in bookcase: Wayfair

Calendar: Karen Adams

Decorative book in bookcase: Beaches by Gray Maline

Candy jar in bookcase: Mine, but you’ll love this option

Vase in bookcase: Williams Sonoma

Gold vase on desk: CosmoLiving

Gold sphere on desk: DecMode

Books on desk: The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, American Royals by Katharine McGree,
Party Girls Die in Pearls by Plum Sykes

Notepad: russell + hazel in Due Time

Candle: Nest Frangrance

Coffee mug: Nordstrombut you’ll also love this or this

Paintings behind desk: Mine, but I think you will love this option or this option

Wicker waste bin: Reina

Metal clothing rack: SONGMICS

Shelf clothing rack: IRIS

Steamer: Rowenta

Leopard chair: Mine, but you’ll love this option or this option

New York wall print: Mine, but you’ll love this option or this option

End table: Mine, but you’ll love this option

Light fixture: Mine, but you’ll love this option

Dog Bed : Custom Amy Berry Home Dog Bed (shop her site for lots of choices)

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design assistant office decor

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