Collagen for her collagen capsule supplements

Collagen for her collagen capsule supplements

Tanya Foster holding Collagen for Her collagen capsules

Tanya Foster holding Collagen for Her collagen capsules

Collagen for her collagen capsule supplements

Collagen for her collagen capsule supplements

Hello and Happy Monday! I’m so excited that it is finally Thanksgiving week. Do you have all of your Thanksgiving grocery shopping done? Now, just because we are entering peak holiday season doesn’t mean we should sacrifice our health. One thing that I always keep in my diet to remain healthy is collagen. Collagen For Her is one of my favorite brands to shop quality collagen products. What I especially love is that they make products that are easy to take on the go to suit my busy lifestyle (especially during the busy holiday season). Today let’s take a deeper look at my favorite products. BONUS: Right now there is a Black Friday SALE on all Collagen For Her products. Take 20% OFF everything and 25% OFF capsules.


On the Go with Collagen For Her

You may remember me talking about Collagen for Her HERE. They create high-quality collagen products that are specifically created for women. On my journey to find the best collagen products, I have learned that not all collagen is created equal! So many products on the market are solely created for quick fixes with temporary results. On top of that, they include so many ingredients that are unrecognizable and unnatural. I love how Collagen For Her products are created with your health in mind. All of the ingredients they use are recognizable and of the highest quality. Plus, I always trust a company that’s created by women, for women. Read even more about the brand and their products HERE.

Collagen For Her creates products that are not only suitable for women’s health, but also for women’s on the go lifestyle. For my busy work and travel life, I love their Multi-Collagen Capsules. Each capsule contains five types of collagen, which provide benefits for healthier hair, skin, nails, joint and bone support, digestion and gut health, and anti-aging. I just keep them in my purse for whenever I am traveling or know I will be out all day. Just take three capsules per day to see results. If you prefer powder over supplements, then I recommend these collagen peptide powder single packs. They are perfect for on the go and have the same benefits. Add them to your water, coffee, smoothie, oatmeal, you name it. The powder is unflavored and dissolves quickly so you won’t even notice it.

Don’t forget about their amazing Black Friday SALE. You can shop their website HERE and take 20% OFF all products + 25% OFF capsules or shop their Amazon store HERE for the same discount.  xoxo – Tanya

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on the go with collagen for her + black friday sale tanya foster holding multi-collagen capsules

This blog post is sponsored by Collagen For Her. All selections and opinions are my own.




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