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Manicures and pedicures are a cure for your nails of your hands and toes. Nail cutting and pedicure gives you a fantastic feeling that one cannot really describe. Maybe because we usually overlook our claws often, and manicures and pedicures are a way to indulge them. To me they are an absolute necessity! But here is the deal. Every time I get to the nail salon, I get overwhelmed with nail polish choices. I mean there must be over 100 OPI and Essie colors to choose from. And, once I find a color I fall in love with, I can’t seem to locate it again when I return. That’s because they have quirky names like Cant Find My CzechbookGot a Date To-KnightSuzi and the LifeguardDon’t Pretzel My Buttons, Secret Stash, Ballet Slippers or Wicked. Here’s a thought. Buy your favorite color and bring it to the salon with you. And if you chip your nails between manicures, you will have the polish to do the touch up. What is your favorite polish color? Leave it in the comments and let’s see if we have any in common.

xoxo- Tanya




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