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Pete and I have just returned from a complete reset, detox and unbelievable wellness experience at Mayrlife Medical Health Resort in Altaussee, Austria. We learned so much in one short week! Whether you enter Mayrlife for relaxation, rejuvenation, under medical advisement or just to detox and reset like we did, you will be amazed at the euphoria you feel once you leave. Come along on our journey in today’s post as I detail our daily experience with “The Cure” and what it feels like to reset yourself – mind, body and soul.

While I was invited to experience Mayrlife as an blogger/influencer so that I could share my wellness journey, we made the decision for Pete to go with me as a paid guest. I’m so glad we did because it’s always better to do a detox and reset together. My goal was to find out about better gut health, digestion and healthy habits (Classic Program) while Pete wanted to be on the weight loss and detox program. We stayed in a deluxe lake view room which was spectacular! The resort is located in the small village of Altaussee in the Austrian mountains, far away from everyday life and stress. The easiest way to get there is to fly to Munich, Germany or Salzburg, Austria. Mayrlife offers a roundtrip airport transport for an additional charge.

We scheduled our Mayrlife journey after a planned trip to Munich to attend the first day of Oktoberfest. WOW, was that fun! We then drove south to Oberammergau to visit my moms family and enjoy a few days in southern Bavaria. You might remember we visited the region last year to attend the Passion Play with the family. Click HERE for and Instagram Story Highlight of this year’s visit to Germany. From there, we drove to Austria to start our wellness stay at Mayrlife. All that to say, we indulged in Germany and it was time to detox!

I’m detailing our journey day by day with hournal entries below but will give you the general Mayrlife Medical Health Resort foundation to optimized living, which is based on the Intestinal Therapy studies of Dr. Franz Mayr. Why detox? Your health begins with a healthy gut! Studies show that many illnesses and diseases are tied to poor gut health. The Mayr method is called “The Cure” and we were ready to dive in. When you register and book your stay online, you will chose from the following programs: Mayrlife Classis, Weight Care, Active Detox, Long Covid, Stress Control, Sports Performance Boost, Anti-Inflammatory and Diabetes. Tracks can be customized and combined. All of these programs are done under medical supervision.

Some simple guidelines include the following while at Mayrlife. Each morning starts with a salt solution to help aid in the elimination of the bowel. Basic rules of water consumption: drink 3 liters a day BETWEEN meals. Very little water (1/2 glass) is consumed with meals. This allows your enzymes to better process your food for digestion. Water during mealtime dilutes your enzymes. Meals are consumed slowly with mindful chewing and eating. No distractions such as phones, tablets, reading materials should be at the table. Food should be chewed 40-60 times before swallowing. Every meal is served with a chewing trainer which is a bread/cracker product such as a rice cake, corn cake, etc. This is designed to replace your bread and slow down your meal. Everything prepared and served is organic, locally sourced and delicious! The detox includes eliminating caffeine, sugar, alcohol and dairy. For us, it also eliminated gluten.

The resort is beautiful with endless activities. Set on the picturesque lake Altaussee, you can swim, hike, mountain climb, walk, take classes enjoy the spa facilities or head to the gym. Light activity is encouraged during the first three days of the detox since your body is in overdrive trying to repair itself. Be sure to take advantage of the amazing seminars offered daily both in English and German. We found these 45 minute sessions to be educational about the mind/gut connection, sugar addiction and much more. To get a general idea of the daily schedule, click HERE. Pack workout clothes, athleisure wear, a swimsuit, your sneakers, a light jacket and casual clothes. The resort is open year-round so you will need to adjust your packing list accordingly. For example, you can go skiing in the winter.


Day by Day journal of our week at Mayrlife

Arrival Day: We checked in at 3 PM and got a full tour of the facilities. Mayrlife is set on the scenic lake Altaussee and it immediately has a calming effect. We went ahead and attended the lecture “Brain Gut Connection” and learned so much about microbiome support. Our dinner that evening was our orientation to how meals are served during your stay at Mayrlife. Chew your food 40-60 times, eat slowly and very little water consumption during meals. This meal consisted of a vegetable broth and one chewable. I selected rice cakes.

Day 1: First thing each morning every day you are at Mayrlife will be your saltwater consumption at least 30 minutes before breakfast. This jumpstarts your body’s elimination process by causing bowel movements. This is also your diagnostic day! Each person gets a personalized treatment plan and it all starts with your Initial medical examination. I saw Dr. Clarissa Eisenbach and Pete saw his own doctor. This 45 minute examination and meeting was one of the most thorough exams and discussions about my health I’ve ever had. From here, she decided on my other medical tests, prescribed my supplements and laid out my plan for the week. In one day, I got the following tests/treatments done: Free radicals (FRAS) and biological antioxidant (BAP) test, Acid/alkaline/mineral analysis, had a IHHT – hypoxytraining session for 40 minutes, went to the spa for a facial skin analysis, did my functional myodiagnostic/AK test, did my body impedance analysis, metabolic analysis with E-scan, got a massage and went to Nutrition lecture about sugar. The detox started to kick in and my body was definitely overwhelmed. They said the first 3 days of the program were the hardest. We were also overwhelmed with all the information we received in one day.

How I felt: Once the daily detox solution (epsom salt and warm water) kicked in, I was going to the bathroom nonstop. I also felt sluggish and had flulike symptoms. I started getting a dull headache and laid down for a short nap in the afternoon. Pete and I also felt overwhelmed. Day 1 is a hectic schedule of appointments with lots of new information that you are trying to absorb.

Day 2: We both turned in our urine samples in the morning. From there, we went our separate ways to our individual prescribed programs. It was a great way to be able to focus on myself and my health while Pete did the same. We always had our meals together and this was a great time to get caught up about our programs. I felt like this was the day we got into the rhythm of Mayrlife. I had my first abdominal treatment (massage of the colon and small intestines) by my physician, then went to an adrenal gland infusion session (IV drip), had an herbal wrap detox session, electrolysis foot bath and finished my day with a lymphatic drainage massage. All of these treatments are aiding in my detoxification.

How I felt: The dull headache continued on this day. My flulike symptoms got a little better. I had very little energy to do anything else but the program. That’s expected because your body is using all of its energy to detox.

Mayrlife breakfast

Day 3: For us, this was the start of our weekend. The schedule is less hectic which provided more free time. This was the first day we slept in and went to breakfast later (9 AM). I did a session of cryotherapy (3 minutes at -110 degrees) and after lunch went to my second abdominal treatment with my physician. This is always a good time to discuss any concerns with your doctor. Next, I had my second session of IHHT – hypoxytraining session for 40 minutes. There is a beautiful trail around Lake Altaussee that’s 5 miles and Pete and walked it that afternoon. It’s glorious lake and mountain views. The fresh mountain air was glorious!

How I felt: I started feeling better. The headache subsided and we started getting a little energy back. Just doing the program was taking every bit of my energy to get through the day.

Day 4: This was by far our easiest, most relaxing day as it fell on a Sunday. We wandered off property to attend church and walk around the small town of Altaussee. The medical staff has the day off so you don’t have any medical treatments. The spa remains open so I indulged in the Dr. Sturm Instant Glow Facial which was booked when I had my skin analysis done. Pete did the gentlemen’s facial. Other than that, we enjoyed our three meals at Mayrlife and took it easy.

How I felt: This was the most relaxing day for both of us. I have to be honest, the local temptations are there and you can wander into a little Austrian cafe anytime you want to. We did a great job keeping each other accountable and on track!

Day 5: Back to the hustle and bustle schedule! I started my morning with a WATSU (water shiatsu) session with Erich that lasted 75 minutes. WOW – what an amazing experience! After lunch, I went to electrolysis foot bath, had a salt peel, abdominal treatment with my physician, did my third session of IHHT – hypoxytraining session for 40 minutes (scratch that), I wound up getting a headache and pain infusion (IV drip) because I had a massive migraine headache come on quickly due to my detox. My doctor had me skip hypoxytraining due to the headache. We ended our day by attending the lecture on the Mayrlife “Cure” with the resort manager, Horst Mayer.

How I felt: While I felt great during all of my services, I suddenly had a massive migraine headache quickly come on after lunch. When I was in with my doctor she decided to order a headache and pain IV infusion (IV drip). She said it’s because my body was overwhelmed with the release of toxins on this day and we just needed to help it. I don’t know what was in the IV but it did the trick and my headache was gone 5 minutes into my IV drip treatment. I felt so much better!

Tanya Foster at Spiroergeometry

Day 6: My day started with a functional training session where we worked on fascia and then I saw my doctor for my final abdominal treatment. After that, I reviewed my Mayrlife results with her which indicated I came a long way in one short week.  Before lunch, I had a detox message which is fairly aggressive and used cupping. After lunch, I went to my Spiroergometry session, which tests your workout performance. Then came my colonic irrigation therapy. I was super apprehensive about this but my therapist was incredible! There’s a reason they wait until the end of the program to do this treatment. YIKES! Boy howdy, did I enjoy that flat stomach that comes afterward! Pete and I enjoyed a medical lecture to end our day.

How I felt: I felt AMAZING the entire day! No headache and tons of energy. Honestly, I was starting to doubt “the Cure” process until this day. I finally turned the corner. Praise Be! To celebrate, we went to the lake and jumped in. Well, Pete did. 🙂

Tanya Foster in swimsuit at Mayrlife

Day 7:  It’s the FINAL day! We made it!!! I had a final medical examination with Dr. Clarissa Eisenbach and went over my results while at Mayrlife. After that, we did a follow up meeting with the nutritionist about The Cure. This is to help you implement the Mayrlife method after you leave and continue your healthy journey. Next was my final IHHT – hypoxytraining session for 40 minutes. Pete and I signed up for the Cooking Class with the head chef Stefan from Mayrlife. We also got the Mayrlife cookbook.

How I felt:  I had more energy than I’ve had in recent memory. My skin was glowing. My final medical meeting with my doctor and my exit meeting with my nutritionist empowered me to travel home and implement a plan for success. You continue to gently detox for two more weeks with all the supplements they gave you and you slowly reintroduce foods.

Chef Stefan at Mayrlife cooking class

Key takeaways: We learned that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, followed by lunch. Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day or can be skipped. No raw foods after 4 PM. While raw food is great, it is hard to digest and you want to give your gut time to rest at night because your digestive system slows.  Any food intolerances should be eliminated for 6 month as they cause inflammation. Don’t drink a lot of liquid with your meals – it dilutes your digestive enzymes. Water consumption should happen between meals – at least two liters a day.

Cost: The total cost will vary depending on your personal plan. There is the base fee for your program (I did the Classic Program and Pete did the Weight Care Program), your room rate, supplements prescribed for you by your doctor plus any additional services outside of your program. All meals are included. To get to Mayrlife, fly to Munich, Germany or Salzburg, Austria and they will arrange round-trip transfers at an additional cost.

Day 8: This was our departure day. Mayrlife packed us lunch for two so that we had a proper meal to take with us on our three hour drive to the Munich airport. This was very helpful as we were not tempted to eat something at the airport.

There is a definite methodology to the way your doctor schedules out your personal plan. For example, they would never have given me the colonic treatment at the beginning of the week. Can you imagine? Not going to lie, the first three days are hard! You are detoxing, going to the bathroom nonstop and trying to get used to the food, supplements and the cure method. But after that… you GLOW!

We loved it and learned so much! Honestly, we both came away with much more than we expected. We met people from all over the world, many of them repeat customers. Who is Mayrlife for? Anyone! We saw lots of people there by themselves, couples, mom/daughter and sister combos.  Personally, we loved going in September as it was less crowded and the weather was glorious. We slept with the windows open each night and loved the fresh mountain air flooding our room. Our entire 7 day experience can be seen in this Instagram Story highlight with daily testimonials about how I was feeling while going through The Cure.

Pete and I highly recommend Mayrlife and hope that you will take a look at what they have to offer. Click HERE for more details, reservations and pricing information.

xoxo – Tanya (and Pete)

P.S. Since arriving in Dallas, we are continuing the program on our own for two more weeks. This is to help phase in food while easing out of the detox. We are both continuing to lose weight and have tons of energy. In fact, we both noticed we don’t have jet lag. Bonus!

Tanya and Pete Foster in front of Mayrlife, Austria

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