Sundance Film Festival,

Jeans / Hat / Sweater / Boots / Socks / Water bottle / Clutch bag (on SALE!) / Make up bag / Wool blanket /  Add: Backpack / Jacket (on SALE!) / Gloves

Whether you are headed to the mountains for a ski vacation or to Sundance Film Festival, you need to know what to pack. I have compiled a list of must haves when traveling to a winter wonderland destination. Thank goodness Saint Bernard helped get me ready!

First of all, warmth is the number one priority. I pack several pairs of jeans and sweaters to bundle up. Warm socks and waterproof boots are a must! Bring a backpack and reusable water bottle so that you will not get dehydrated as you are out and about in the elements. That high altitude will drain you quicker than you know. Also, pack plenty of protein bars in your backpack because you need nutrition throughout your day. And of course, you must have a great jacket or two.

This is my seventh time to attend the Sundance Film Festival and I have learned a few things along the way. Be prepared for anything weather wise. There have been times that I have tracked through a snow blizzard to get home from a film. Other times, it’s been blue skies and freezing temperatures in Park City, Utah. No matter what the reason is for your trip to the mountains, Saint Bernard has everything you need. They have fabulous year-round clothing for women, men and kids. Ski stuff as well as beach wear. I buy for the entire family there.

I am loving this combo pictured above. Stay tuned to see what else is in my suitcase.  xoxo- Tanya

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