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Do you know when I start thinking about what I should cook for dinner? About 4 PM in the afternoon. I can assure you that is not when I want to leave my house and head to the grocery store. Good news! There’s an app for that. Last week I told you about FAVOR in this blog post. This week, I have tried Plāt and it will change your world. The new Dallas start-up has just launched and you should download the app and give it a try.

I ordered my organic groceries through the app and about 45 minutes later my doorbell rang. My order (picture above) was perfect and there was no delivery fee. The runner was delightful and everything was exactly as I ordered. You will cash out on the app (tied to your credit card) which makes it a cashless system. No more wasting time in crazy parking lots, crowded aisles, and long checkout lines at the grocery. Shopping just got a whole lot easier with Plāt (, a new grocery delivery service.

Pronounced “plate”, the free iOS app allows shoppers in the Dallas-area to choose from a curated selection of grocery items and get them delivered within as little as one hour (or at a time of the customer’s choosing). Minimum order is $35. The plus, delivery is FREE, and the costs of groceries are comparable to shopping at local grocers. With over 200 items in stock, Plāt is able to extend complimentary delivery to customers by delivering fresh, cold, frozen and dry grocery items from its own local warehouse.

Customers can choose from a curated selection of natural and organic products including produce, meat, seafood, dairy, baked goods, pantry, household, beverages, beer and wine, and desserts. Shoppers will also find a mix of local products from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and Empire Baking Company. Want to make a request that they carry a new item? Simply let them know when prompted for feedback after checkout.

Getting your shopping done in under a minute is a cinch, as the app offers list making capabilities with items you purchase often. Additional features include weekly recipes with the ability to add ingredients to your cart.

Same day deliveries are available for orders placed between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. Delivery areas include Dallas, Irving, Los Colinas, Richardson and Addison. The company plans to expand throughout North Texas. Shoppers can check their zip code to see if they deliver to their area. After placing an order, customers are notified of the status of their delivery.

Founded by Brent Rodgers and Hanson Walker of Roots Juices, the new Dallas-based grocery delivery company aims to make the time-consuming trip to the grocery store only a few minutes with the tap of the app.

For more information on Plāt visit

Happy Father’s Day weekend. Enjoy!   xoxo- Tanya




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