You will need these ingredients for the master cleanse

Master Cleanse ingredients

To cleanse or not to cleanse? Well, if you indulged in the holidays like I did, the answer is CLEANSE.
I am doing a quick master cleanse this week. Why? Because I need to start 2014 without any peppermint bark and toffee residuals in my body.

The trick to success is to mix up your master cleanse ingredients ahead of time. I make mine in the morning and follow the recipe below. It is really easy. I also have peppermint tea and a cleaning tea to supplement. I will say, they taste really good and I get to have a hot beverage in a mug. Not that it off-sets the dull headache that arrives from lack of caffeine. This always clearly defines for me that I am addicted to coffee and diet coke. ARG! Oh, and be prepared to feel sluggish for a few days. Your body is detoxing. You didn’t think the holiday indulging came without a price did you?

Smooth Move and Organic Peppermint tea

Organic Smooth Move and Peppermint tea

Note to self:  Be sure to measure the cayenne pepper correctly.  You don’t want to know what happens when you accidentally add 2 tablespoons (instead of teaspoons) to the concoction.  It’s not a pretty sight.

I am off to squeeze some lemons.

Recipe for one gallon of Master Cleanse

Step 1
Fill half the gallon jug with distilled water. Clean your gallon jug before refilling with fresh, distilled water. Only fill the gallon jug halfway initially to leave room for your ingredients. The gallon jug will hold 128 oz. of your Master Cleanse mixture, which equals 16 8 oz. glasses of the detox drink.

Step 2
Squeeze the fresh lemons. Use your juicer or hand squeeze fresh, unrefrigerated lemons. You will need eight to 10 medium-sized lemons to provide the accurate amount of juice for your gallon of Master Cleanse. After juicing the fresh lemons, measure two cups or 32 tbsp. of lemon juice. Add the lemon juice to your water filled gallon jug.

Step 3
Add the maple syrup. Place two cups of grade B maple syrup into your gallon mixture.

Step 4
Mix cayenne pepper into your drink. Measure 1.5 to 2 tsp. of cayenne pepper powder and place this in your mixture. Cayenne stimulates digestion and increases blood flow in the body. Using cayenne gives a spicy edge to the taste of your mixture so try not to over season the drink.

Step 5
Shake the mixture. Once you add all the ingredients to the gallon jug, firmly place the lid on the jug then shake the mixture. You can refrigerate the concoction in between uses. Shake the jug prior to each use. Use all of the mixture prior to making more of the concoction in the same jug, for the upcoming days.

The average Master Cleanse dieter drinks six to 12 8 oz. glasses of the concoction a day. Decide how many drinks you need a day based on your caloric needs and overall detox goals.
Use distilled or pure water for best results. Drink pure water in between your detox drink.

Things You’ll Need
Gallon jug
10 fresh lemons
Cayenne pepper powder
Grade B Maple Syrup
Measuring spoons
Distilled water

Do not begin the Master Cleanse before discussing safety concerns with your physician.
Do not exceed the Master Cleanse diet past 10 days without physician consent.




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