Even though I love luxury brands and products, I am also always in search of a good deal. Just look at this post and this one about luxury skin care brands that I use all the time. Today I’m bringing you several items that I have discovered and I am currently trying. Some of the are available at the drugstore and super affordable. You don’t want to miss these recent beauty finds and hacks you need to know.

1. dpHUE – Check out their root touch up kit for between salon visits. This comes from Jennifer Aniston’s hair guru, Justin Anderson (pictured with me in the header photo). Available at ULTA.

2GloPRO – An at home microdermabrasion facial solution that will leave you with glowing skin from inventor Jamie O’Banion. Available at Neiman Marcus.

3. Chanel – I love these new colors I just grabbed. So fresh for summer!

4. Hada Labo – It’s no wonder the Japanese are so beautiful. Check out this brand and products available at drugs stores and ULTA.

5. COR– Have you heard of silver soap? I hadn’t until I tried this. Great for clearing up your complexion!

Need more inspiration? Be sure to check out my published post in PaperCity. And recently I was featured in this article in Hire Influence.

 xoxo – Tanya

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dpHue, Justin Anderson, Lynsey Eaton, ULTA, hair care

I met Justin Anderson, creator of dpHUE a last week. These products are great for covering your roots between salon appointments, having a hair rinse when you don’t want to was your hair and a wonderful leave-in hair therapy for all that blow drying. All available at ULTA and online. Great prices!

Glo Pro, Neimna Marcus, Jamie O'Banion, Beauty Bioscience

Have you heard of GloPRO invented by Dallas local Jamie O’Banion? She also invented Beauty Bioscience. Take one look at her and you will do what she does immediately! I am trying it now and will do a follow-up post with results soon. Separate blog post to come. Stay tuned.

Chanel, foundation, lipstick, lip gloss, Nordstrom, summer

I love new make-up, don’t you? If you ever need a great make-up artist be sure to see Audrey Elliott at Stanley Korshak (for appointments: 214.871.3631). She is at the Chanel counter and is amazing! I just got these new Chanel products and love the colors.

Hada Labo products, eye mask, skin plumping gel cream, Japanese

OK, we all know that the Japanese have beautiful, flawless skin. These two products are super hydrating and are available at the drugstore. Great results for small price. Try the Express Renewal Eye Mask and Skin Plumping Gel Cream.

COR, silver soap, face wash, soap, clean skin, breakouts

Do you ever need to re-set your cleaning routine and use something simple? This is it. Try COR silver soap and nothing else. Miracle worker!




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