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Tanya Foster holding Revision Skincare Intellishade

Tanya Foster using Revision skincare nectifirm product

Tanya Foster holding revision skincare Bodifirm

Tanya Foster holding Revision Skincare products

As a beauty and skincare blogger, I try lots of products to discover them for the blog. But there is one product line that I always return to: Revision Skincare. I learned about these products from my dermatologist. This company offers a variety of products to incorporate into your daily daytime and nighttime routine. I’ve been using many of their products over two years and still love them.

Revision Skincare, founded right here in Dallas, was created on the belief that youthful looking skin can be accomplished without sacrificing the skin’s long-term health by using science to create new methods. They lead the industry with their innovative techniques such as using peptides and a microbiome technology for anti-aging. Their products are also skin neutral pH so it’s better for your skin! The process that Revision Skincare scientists use requires the highest standard of ingredients so you can always count on the best products in the industry.

I’ve used this entire line of products for over two years and I continue to love the results I get. High quality and worth every penny! Before I detail out my morning and evening skincare routine, here is the special offer.


Morning Routine

Revision skincare morning products

Let’s look at how to incorporate Revision Skincare products into your daily routine. For the morning routine, I start off with the Papaya Enzyme Cleanser to gently clean and polish the skin. Next I use the Revox 7 serum and Hydrating Serum which use peptides to reduce your facial expression lines. After that I apply the Vitamin C C+ Correcting Complex 30%It is the most advanced vitamin C product for all skin types, plus it protects the skin from any damage from the blue light on your phone. Following that I use three moisturizers: D.E.J. Face Cream, D.E.J. Eye Cream for under the eye and lid, and Intellishade TruPhysical as a 5 in 1 age defying moisturizer and sun protector. You can apply these products in any order or even mix them together for less steps. Just make sure to apply the SPF last!


Night Routine

Revision skincare products for nighttime routine

Now let’s look at my nighttime Revision Skincare routine. I start with the Gentle Cleansing Lotion to sooth any dry and sensitive skin. Next I again apply Revox, Hydrating Serum, Vitamin C C+ Correcting Complex 30%, D.E.J. Face Cream, and D.E.J. Eye CreamLastly, I apply the D.E.J. Night Face Cream which is a night retinol. It is a 0.25% time released retinol and bakuchiol, so the product works all night while you sleep.


Body Products

Revision skincare products for the body

Don’t forget about Revision Skincare’s amazing body products. I love the BodiFirm contouring lotion, which has won three awards in 2020. I also recommend NectiFirm Advanced, which is an anti-aging product that smooths lines on the neck. This was the only product I was using twice a day and what introduced me to this amazing brand.  Another product to add to your routine is the moisturizing and brightening hand cream, Lumiquin for soft and youthful looking hands. Finally, be sure to use Finishing Touch exfoliate once a week as a microdermabrasion scrub to get polished and renewed skin.

This skincare line is EXCELLENT and I highly recommend it. Glowing skin can be yours too! Click HERE to shop! xoxo – Tanya

P.S. In addition to an excellent skincare routine, check out which aesthetic treatments I find are worth the price. Click HERE.

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Why I love Revision Skincare Tanya Foster holding revision skincare products

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