Tanya Foster with an Hermes scarf around her neck

Tanya Foster using the Hermes scarf as a chocker

Tanya Foster with a Hermes scarf tied on her handbag

Tanya Foster sitting on a step with Hermes scarf as a bracelet

I have gotten so many requests for this post, so I am so excited to share the ways to tie your Hermès scarf! There are so many more ways than those listed today, but these are some of my absolute favorites. And it goes without saying, this blog post and scarf tie tutorial applies to any and all scarves. Today I am including 14 different ways to tie a scarf.

Now it seems obvious, but the first step to tying your Hermès scarf is to own one. Taylor got her first one last year and immediately called me to ask how she should style hers. In fact, this blog post happened because she requested it. Hermes scarves are available at all Hermès stores, or you can get gently used scarves for less through The RealReal. The RealReal is a luxury consignment store that is my go-to for shopping designer looks for less. I love that it is the actual designer item versus the knock-offs you typically get at other resale stores. They have an amazing authentication process too.

Before we get started, I wanted to share some exciting news… Hermès now has an APP! Hermès released an app called Silk Knots and it is a great resource to watch videos on how to tie your scarf. You now have endless possibilities at your finger tips so that you can tie your scarf whatever suits your look and mood for the day. I love how easy it is! Another resource are these videos from the Hermès website to help you learn how to tie your scarf. Sometimes picture instructions don’t do the trick quite like videos can! Ok, now let’s take a look at some of my favorite and fun ways for how to tie your scarf. Some of these are so creative!

Also, all of the pictures of me above are from old blog posts. If you click the picture it will take you to the full post. It’s funny to see my style evolve over the six years on the blog. I’m including them because they show you how I use my Hermes scarves. Top to bottom: Neck tie, chocker, tied on my handbag and bracelet. With the tutorial pictures below, this gives you 14 options!

Tie Tutorial | Hermès Scarf

1. Ceinture Anneau (The Belt)

Manual to tie a Hermes scarf

2. Top Cache-Coeur (Halter Top)

Manual to tie a Hermes scarf - halter top

3. Maxi Bag

Manual to tie a Hermes scarf - hobo bag

4. Mini Bag

How to tie a Hermes scarf like a small tote bag

Another way that I like to use my scarf as a fun accessory are trying it like a bracelet that you can see here or tying it around my purse, which you can see here.

5. Grand Noeud Papillon (Necktie Bow)

How to tie a Hermes scarf - large bow tie

6. Scout Anneau

Tie Tutorial - How to tie a Hermes scarf

7. Cowboy Anneau

Hermes scarf tie tutorial

8. Collier (Collar Necklace)

Hermes scarf tie tutorial - necklace

9. Cravate Fluide

Hermes tie tutorial - long neck tie

I tied mine like a choker two other ways that you can see here and here.

10. Mini-Jupe (Mini Skirt)

How to tie a Hermes scarf like a mini skirt

11. Bandeau Sixties

How to tie a Hermes scarf like a headband

I wore it as a headband during my trip to Aruba that you can see here. It really helps with the Caribbean humidity and controlling my frizzy hair!

What is your favorite way to tie your scarf? Please share.

xoxo – Tanya

All tutorial photos courtesy of Hermès

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